Thursday, January 25, 2007

Back to square one....

Hello all~

Here is my new (and hopefully last) blog. My first blog I had to delete due to some harrassing woman and basic stupidity on my part. I then took a blogging break. My second blog I left due to S L O W N E S S issues - I had a very hard time even getting to the proper place to creat a new post and it took forever to view anyone else's blog. Although I enjoyed that particular blog community, I do not have enough time in my day to wait for slow uploading issues. That brings me to Blogger and this new blog.

That's how I arrived here. So now we will proceed with your basic first post intros and fine print issues.

My name is Lori, I am a 31 (tomorrow is my birthday though, so I guess it's safe to call me 32) yo wife and mother. I have been married close to 8 years now to a wonderful godly man who is a Children's Pastor - he deals with Children's Ministry and Family type of stuff at our church. He is an amazing husband, father and leader of our home. I am a blessed woman indeed!

We have four children thus far: Isaac is 5, Selah is 3, Talitha is 1 and little Elijah Rock is scheduled to arrive via c-section on Feb. 16th (my fourth c/s). We happily look forward to any more blessings the Lord may send us, whether it be by birth or adoption.

We live in Michigan - I was born in Michigan - I am *very* happy to be back "home". I'm sure there'll be more on that in future posts.

We are a homeschooling family, although technically we haven't done very much "official" hs'ing as of yet. In MI, children have to start school at the age of 6. Isaac will be 6 this coming fall. With the recent move and the impending arrival of this little one, we are not currently doing much in that area. Once things settle down from the birth, and we find a basic routine with four children, we will do some basic review stuff and start K this fall. Selah will be four and will most likely be doing a lot of K work with her brother (as if she would have it any other way). We are currently using INTERLOCK, the pre-K/K curriculum of WEAVER, a unit based curriculum from Alpha Omega. I am very excited about teaching my children and having the priviledge of watching them learn and explore God's creation as a family. I am much too selfish to allow anyone else this amazing opportunity!!

Some other basics of my home:
*no, we don't homebirth. This will be my fourth c-section, the first of which began with a breech baby. We have since dealt with another breech baby, insurance policies of small hospitals and doctors, and are now looking at c-sections for all future births. We are okay with this, trust the Lord and His goodness and don't need to be convinced otherwise. Thank you.
*yes, we are fairly conservative. I wear mostly dresses and skirts, but I am not legalistic about that, I simply enjoy being feminine. I think girls should look like girls. Simple as that.
*no, I don't cover, although I have in the past. I completely respect women who choose to cover.
*yes, I do wear make-up and jewelry, albeit minimal stuff. I just don't have time for all of that, although I do enjoy looking my best for my dh.
*no, we do not co-sleep with our children, nor do I carry them everywhere I go. Again, I respect those who choose to do so. We get a bit more laid back with each child, but we do implement a routine in our daily lives for sanity's sake.
*yes, I do bake most of our bread products, but I also occasionally buy "convenience" food as well. I don't think it's evil to serve Kraft Mac-n-Cheese, but I try to aim for healthier choices as much as possible.
*no, I don't garden or can, although those are things I am interested in learning more about.
*yes, I do sew and crochet and I'm thinking of learning how to knit.
*no, I do not sew everyone matching outfits, although I respect those women who do. I do not have that type of sewing ability nor time at this point in my life. I just sew here and there.
*yes, we do follow the Biblical model for Manhood and Womanhood. We belief God gave us specific roles and responsibilities, equal yet different. I try to embrace my femininity instead of vainly attempting to be "the same" as my husband. I feel extremely blessed to be a woman of God!!

There's tons more info, but I guess that covers the basics that everyone wants to know right off. As to legality issues, this is my personal blog. A blog. That's it. I am not a doctor, nutritionalist, pastor, lawyer, or lifestyle guru. I'm simply a wife and mother - God's high calling for a woman, yes, but I'm not the be-all-and-end-all of life. Take everything I say with a large grain of salt, take it to your Bible, talk to God in prayer, talk to your own husband, etc. What works for me and my family may or may not work for you and yours. Use common sense and God-sense. I feel silly even typing these things, but you know how it goes....

That's it for now. Please let me know if you are here by posting a quick comment. I'd love to get a "Friend's Blogs" list going soon so leave your blog for me to check out. And be patient as I get this blog going. The baby is coming three weeks from tomorrow, so I'll do the best I can here. God Bless you and yours!

Whew...aren't you glad all that 'first blog' stuff is over with??!

From snowy Michigan
~Michigan Momma~


Anonymous said...

Hi Lori!
I have been wondering about you! So glad you made it to Michigan and all is well! I have always enjoyed your blogs. First knew of you through Beautiful Womanhood forum. Your posts were so good and intelligent, you have a great heart! I do not have a blog, my life is not that interesting!!
My email is
I am BA on Beautiful Womanhood. God Bless! Beth

*MichiganMomma* said...

Hi Beth, Goodness, it's amazing you were able to find me amongst all the craziness of the past few years - and all the blog changes. I truly do hope this is the last change. I'd like to *settle* for a while, get a bit of a journal going.

Anyway, nice to see you here - I'll talk to you soon!

p.s. My life isn't anything all that interesting either - I guess I just like to talk about myself...*grins* ~L.

babybeemakers said...

We will miss you at HSB!

BTW- When you said you don't cover I was thinking what is she talking about???? She doesn't cover when she nurses or what??? Then I was like wow she must be really good to not need to "cover" when she is out in public and she is talking about it here...then it hit me....head cover!!!!! LOL I am an idiot.

As far as co sleeping- I COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT IT!!! I roll over give the baby what he wants and then fall back asleep. I also never worry about the baby being cold and is it ok or is it awake??? I guess it is not just for the baby. Purely selfish motives....well, not 100% selfish but quite a bit.

Don't forget to come back and visit.

~Momma~ said...

Happy Birthday Honey.

Enjoy the day!

(IKEA and dinner tonight.)

Holly said...

Hurray you are close, well closer by now!!! I am so happy to hear that you are safe and sound! You are now going to be added to my morning routine! lots of love to all of you....Holly

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori! It's nice to see that you made it to Michigan safe and sound!

This is blr1968 from BW board.

Julie said...

HEY! Im so glad you are blogging again as I had so much fun and learned so much from you before. Im also glad you are back at BW. You are definatly at the top of my blog roll!