Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Plan

Ok, here's the deal. My children can be picky eaters. My first born is the worst, he's actually pretty bad. My first daughter is better, although she tends to take her cues from her big brother. My second daughter, now she'll eat anything. You know the cereal commercial from when we were kids? Give it to Mikey, he'll eat anything. Yup, my daughter's Mikey.

I would like to work on the older two's eating habits - I would like them to be able to eat whatever is put in front of them, or at least to learn to take a few bites and try it. We will not be making 10 different meals in a day just to cater to each one's likes and dislikes. You eat what's put in front of you or you don't eat. That's fine - I'm not going to *make* you eat - but you'll have to wait until the next meal then.

Ok, so I've been trying this little strategy. I serve a basic meal - it probably consists of *something* my son doesn't like to eat (mainly veggies, fruits or some meats, some casseroles....yup, he's picky). So when he inevitably asks for more of what he *does* like (I purposefully give him a very small portion of what I know he likes), I tell him he may have more once he eats so many bites of "such-and-such" (whatever he's being picky about).

So anyways, yesterday I prepared Lentil Stew in our crock pot. Now for those of you who are already scrunching up your noses, I'll have you know it is *very* tasty and even my dh eats a hearty bowl, telling me that it is very good. Nothing strange in it, some lentils, some beef, some veggies (cut up very small), loads of seasonings, tomato sauce, etc. Tasty.
Anyways, I also served up some bread and butter - a big hit with my son. But I knew that wasn't enough to get him to eat the stew. So right before dinner time, I whipped up a batch of cookies, from a new recipe. Basically oatmeal chocolate chip - oh yes, Isaac would LOVE them.
So here's the stew in my wonderful servent, my crock pot:

And here are the yummy cookies:

When I placed the bowl of stew in front of my son, here is his reaction:

Not exactly the hopeful anticipation a cook looks for.
By the way, lest you think it really was a gross meal - here is my youngest daughter gobbling it all up!

Once he finished staring down his food, and realised momma really wasn't going to back down on this one, he obediently took a bite. One lentil. I told him that simply didn't constitute a bite and he would have to take a bigger bite. He finally managed to down one small bite, gagging the whole time. I told him he had to do that at least three more times. He *really* wanted one of those cookies, so he gallantly took another bite...
and promptly threw up all over his chair.
I was...let's say....less than sympathetic.
After I had cleaned up the mess, after Isaac had cleaned himself up and put on his jammies, he really wanted to try again. I gave him a small portion and told him to eat every last bite. He didn't even take one more bite. But his sister, the older one, took three LARGE bites and even told me is tasted yummy. She got TWO cookies.
Hmmmm.....kinda reminds me of time in my childhood when my mother tried to make me eat cole slaw. Well, like momma, like son. (sorry Mom)
*Michigan Momma*


Theresa Popplewell said...

I'm sure that like you, he will never let you live this one down. Oh well, that's part of trying to be a good mom. (Which you are.)


*MichiganMomma* said...



This is just one of those times that you don't understand until you have your own children, I guess. I thought you were 'so mean' - oh well, I guess I'm a Mean Momma too!!

*the Lentil Stew Momma*

Julie said...

Thats funny, I cant believe he threw up. I liked your, "I was less than sympathetic". That sounds so like me. LOL
At our house you get one tablespoon of foods you dont like. You HAVE to eat that one tablespoon. We dont make faces and we dont spit stuff out. If you make a face or spit it out you get another tablespoon of it. If you choose not to eat it, it goes in the fridge for your next meal.
I like your strategy too. I think I will consider it in the future when I need to get creative. LOL