Sunday, April 29, 2007

My mother told me this would happen...

Ok, here's another funny from my son.

We go to church Sunday night. Dh is out of town. My mom is visiting for a while to help me out.

As it turns out, Pioneer Clubs aren't meeting that night (great) so the two older ones need to come to "Big Church" with us. No problem - they are 4 and 5 and have been to church numerous times with us before. I have no fear.

Things are going along quite smoothly. Sunday night service is usually an "older" crowd, mind you, so I'm *extra* watchful of my babies - not wanting to make a bad impression with the older generation (my dh has only been a pastor there for a few months).

Suddenly, I look over at my son and see that he has his hand down his pants. He is wearing overalls (his favorite) and it's easy enough to fit BOTH hands down there if the occasion calls for it.

Obviously, the occassion calls for it.

I frantically whisper "Isaac, get your hands out of your pants". He immediately complies. Being the ever-so-concerned mother that I am, I wonder if there is something wrong. I ask him if his p*nis is okay (yes, we call it a p*nis). He says no, he just has an "ichy". I say that's okay, but if he needs to itch himself, we need to go to the bathroom. He nods. Whispered conversation over.

Ya right.

I look over again - both hands are sneaking down his overalls....HEY! (I whisper).

WHAT?!?! (he says not at all quietly) I'm not itching my P&NIS!!


My mother told me this would happen if we insisted on calling a p*nis, a p*nis. At least no one really understands what my daughter is referring to when she talks about her 'Taurus. I'm still praying people think we own a mid-sized Ford sedan.

*Michigan Momma*

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becominglikehim said...

That's hillarious!!!
I was once on the commode and I heard my young son answer the phone and commence to explain in detail to the caller exactly what I was doing!!!

Praise God it was his daddy!!!!