Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Some updates

Hey y'all~
Whew...what a few days. I know everyone has their own issues, their own problems, their own circumstances they are going through (good & bad) - here are some of ours lately.

Super-cool! We have a Momma & Daddy duck who visit us daily. We try to watch for them and bring them a quick snack when possible. The first day, another "daddy" duck tried to make a move on the Momma - but the *real* Daddy wouldn't hear of it. He was very protective. He is an awesome Daddy duck. He lets the Momma eat almost all of the food we throw their way. He quacks quietly the whole time we are there, just to remind us who is boss, I think. He follows the Momma around, on the lookout for any problems, any danger, keeping her safe.

Not to mention how cool this is for my kiddos. It's a homeschool advantage for sure. Each day we talk a bit more about ducks, about the differences in their appearances, why the daddy is protecting the momma, etc. It gives me an opportunity to look up info on ducks to share with my babies. We have even talked about marriage, and the commitment found in that sacred institution, how important families are. How cool!!

We did have a late night trip to the emergency room. A few nights back, Tali showed up in our bed, breathing VERY hard, very labored, with a high temp. After keeping an eye on her for awhile, after watching her choke and spit up the medicine I tried to give her - I decided it was time to go. We got there about 4am - and we were leaving by 7am. Not bad, actually. They almost admitted my little baby - she had the beginnings of pnuemonia (sp?) and full-blown bronchitis. Yuck! A few breathing treatments, a steroid oral med and a chest x-ray later - she was sounding good enough to go home. While she is still obviously sick, she tries to keep up with her brother and sister as she runs around playing with them. Do you know how difficult it is to keep an almost 2 year old down?!?! Darn near impossible!!

We had a great visit with my parents this past weekend. The weather was just gorgeous! The kids got to see one of the local floating museums: The Huron - a lightship on the great lakes. Very cool - does this kind of stuff count as field trips? Even when it's so much fun?! Even when you're lucky enough to go with your Papa?? Awesome!

We walked along the boardwalk on the St. Claire River (between the US and Cananda) and watched the ships going through the channel. We also went to a local beach on Lake Huron and *some* of us even dipped our toes in the water! It all looks so clean and beautiful. I was even able to nurse my baby right there on Lake Huron - it is really beautiful here! Thank you Lord for allowing us to live here!

There was also the Pinewood Derby, a fun park trip, and just time spent with the grandparents!

I just love pics of me and my babies - usually I'm the one behind the camera, so it's nice to have someone else take the pics once in a while!

And look at my big boy! Elijah Rock is getting chubby, eh?! (hey, did you catch that Canadian-speak coming out of me?? I've only lived here a few months!!) Here is my little man with his Mema.

Ok, I guess that's enough pics, huh? Of course, our life isn't ALL good, right? My toilet handle is busted, my disposal quit working, a tree fell in our back yard during a wind storm (but it didn't hit the house - PTL!), the hospital visit/meds cost us a lot of money (I really dislike money) and some other stuff I can't mention yet. I just have to keep trusting in the Lord. He has given us so many blessings - and I know He will be with us through all the hardships as well. My nature wants to worry, but I refuse!!

Last thing - I did manage to make it to our local fabric store that was closing. I got enough material to make at least 4-5 skirts for only $7. Cool! Now I just need to either find some fun skirt patterns or just take the plunge and make them on my own. I'll share pics just as soon as I can!

Luv to all
~Lovin' it here in Michigan~
*Michigan Momma*


Shari said...

Hey Lori,
It sounds like you all had a good time this past weekend. It really looks beautiful on the lake. I'd like to see some more pictures of your new house.

Hopefully Tali is feeling like herself again. She looks so much bigger and it hasn't even been that long since I last saw you. Of course, Elijah looks huge. Last time I said he looks like you, but I change my mind. Now he looks more like his daddy.

Maybe I'll be able to see you when you come pick up Isaac. It looks like Katie may have impetigo, so we'll have to see.

Love you,

Dean B. said...

Hey, don't forget about your DH being gone. I'm beginning to feel left out.

Luv, D

Anonymous said...

There you are! I was wondering where you had been the last week. Life has a way of getting crazy, doesn't it? I know mine is! Sounds like you have been having lots of fun, though!
It's a Wonderful Life

Julie said...

Your so sweet. I loved your blog comment. I feel the same way about you. I just know that one day we will meet and it will be as we have known each other forever. LOL.
Hubby laughs because sometimes when I read your blog I'll be like, "Hey, my friend Lori got a piano for her anniversary." :P He just doesnt understand. LOL.
Sounds like you have been pretty busy with your ducklings as well.
We will be praying for Tali.

becominglikehim said...

Hey, just stopping by to say hello, i'm a friend of thereverendswife over at seekingfaithfulness and the pastorsfamily. I'm from the area and a pastor's wife. Maybe we can get to know each other! i'll be checkin' in!