Tuesday, May 1, 2007

sounds about right to me

**WARNING: I'm about to make some of you very mad. Don't say I didn't warn you**

I think over-eating is a sin.

There, hate me.

Now, I don't think being overweight is a sin - necessarily. There are legitimate reasons for being heavier than most. We all come in different shapes and sizes - but overall, I'm guessing most of us are not meant to be 300 lbs. Call me crazy.

I think each of our bodies has a "normal & natural" weight. If we were to only eat when hungry, then only eat 'til full - trying to eat a variety of fairly good-for-you foods (notice, no extremes here), I think each of our bodies would eventually hit it's IDEAL weight. Some days you may eat more, some days less, some days you would celebrate, some days you would fast. But overall, you would be an ideal weight, a healthy weight, the weight God made your body to be.

As to the sin issue - well, it's gluttony, isn't it?!? Taking more than we need. Being obsessed with food. Constantly thinking of the next meal.

Look at it this way ~ if someone is addicted to drugs (or pornography or alcohol or whatever), most of us would say "hey, get help. Figure out a way to deal with this problem. You are hurting yourself, your family, your friends. Stop it!!". Yet with food, we are too polite to say things like that. But it still holds true.

Okay, so yes, we can agree that one can be addicted to food - but does that really make it a sin?? I still say yes. Gluttony, greed, selfishness, you name it.

Another thought (like you really want to keep hearing more about this, right?!): why do people eat? Some people (I'm guessing mostly thin people) eat when they are hungry. I am not thin - and I'll tell you why *I* eat: 'cause it's breakfast time, lunch time, dinner time. 'Cause it's quiet time and I want to relax. 'Cause there's ice cream in the freezer and I like ice cream. 'Cause the kids are finally in bed, I've changed a million diapers and broken up a dozen fights and I want to de-stress. 'Cause this is *me* time. Hmmmm.....it's amazing I'm not a size 2, eh?? (obvious sarcasm)

So my experiment is to try to eat like a thin person. I'm not sure I can do this very well, seeing as how I've never been thin and therefore am not entirely sure of what's involved. But I'm going to try my bestest!! Eating only when hungry (honest hunger, stomach growling or other signs my body sends to me because it needs food/drink) will be a new one for me. Please pray for me if you think on it.

Now, to all my chubby friends and family - I LOVE YOU!! I love me. I believe God loves you and me regardless of our weight. But I also believe God wants the best for our lives. When we sin with our eating, there are natural consequences: high weight, danger to heart, blood sugars, etc. Is food really worth all that? Are you willing to cut your life short for all that extra food - or are you willing to cut back dramatically on your food intake, yet GAIN more time with family and friends?? Personally, I don't want to die quite yet. I want *many* more years with my babies and eventually, their babies. Does God really want us to be selfish, eat ourselves fat, then die early - or does He want us to take care of the body He created for us, so we can do here on earth what He desires for us to do. Goodness, seems kind of obvious.

Lastly, what do you think?? Let me know. Do *you* believe overeating is a sin? Why? Why not? Can one have an unhealthy obsession with food, just plain ol' eating too much food, and it NOT be a sin? Why or why not. I'm honestly curious.

Now, I know there are certain, particular circumstances that may complicate this issue. The person who is overweight due to a thyroid issue. Now, come on, you know I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about the MAJORITY of overweight people in the world - who simply eat too much food. It is those instances, the people who eat simply to eat, simply to satisfy a FLESHLY desire - *that* is where I think this issue heads off into the sin catergory.

I feel convicted MY food issue is a sin issue. It is negatively impacting my life, my health, my marriage, my legacy to my children, my pregnancies, my effectiveness in the church, and even my relationship with the Lord. I can't continue to be so selfish, so greedy, and expect to feel all "hunky-dory" with the Lord.

So here goes: eat like a thin person. Wow, this otta be interesting....

*Michigan Momma*

p.s. I made up my mind to do this about 1 hour ago. Since then I have inadvertantly (sp?) headed into the kitchen four times. Just out of boredom, tiredness, stress-related, whatever. I knew this wasn't going to be easy, but...come on....four times in one hour??!! I'm in trouble...

p.p.s. I'm super tired right now. I hope I didn't really offend anyone. This is really just about me. I'm tired to hashing this issue (my weight) out a million times, yet never really doing anything about it. If you can, don't be mad - pray for me. Pray that I will deal with this issue that God has obviously laid on my heart. Thanks a million y'all...*mm*


Anonymous said...

I agree. I really do. I also think it is a.... sin. There, I said it, too....so people can be mad at me. Like you said, I think it is along the lines of being addicted to anything.. in this case it is just food. I also do know that there are legitimate reasons for some to be overweight- reasons that they can't help, but that's not what you are talking about. Your'e talking about gluttony, and I agree with you. I am going to have some weight to lose after this little one comes, so my words might come back to haunt me! But, we all know when we are being gluttonous or not. Wow. You sure were brave posting that- America is such an obese country.
It's a Wonderful Life

Anonymous said...

Any time we go to 'excess', we are out of 'priority' with God. What is being 'stuffed down' while over eating, glutting ourselves with diversions (and it's all diversion) away from the Cross? Eating is a 'numb'-er for many. Bringing every thought captive first will bring up some 'roots' that can be surprising! I had been very overweight and unhappy in my walk with Christ. I took God at His Word and focused on Him, rather than myself. It took almost a year (not dieting) of training my flesh. It still needs discipline EVERYDAY, but food no longer has a hold. I eventually dropped the weight as a fulfillment of loving myself as Christ loves me. Not many folks are overweight by choice; their choices are primarily the PORTIONS, to be sure. However, some of those portions 'grew' along with the consumer to avoid the 'heart' and much prayer is needed.

Annemarie said...

I think that gluttony is a sin. Why? Because it says so in the Bible. :) That being said, I think that gluttony is more than eating a big meal when you are not really hungry.

I did a program that has the same basic premise as what you have just said. While I agree with it in theory, it left me with a feeling that every time I ate one bite beyond full, I was sinning. It brought loads of guilt into my relationship with the Lord and basically drove me nuts. 3 children and major thyroid disease later, I believe that I have come to the conclusion that God desires to be first in my life, above everything else. If food is taking His place then it is sin and I need to repent.

Today I am beginning an exchange diet to lose about 60 pounds. I need the exchange system because the hunger/fullness system drives me nuts. Am I hungry? Will 2 bites satisfy my hunger? If I eat the third is it sin? I haven't had a veggie craving in 4 weeks, is that healthy? The exchange system will force me back into a healthy lifestyle.

I was once thin. Size 5 thin. I had to lose 80+ pounds to get there. Once I was there, I did crazy things to stay there. Things that were just a sinful as gluttony.

So while I totally support your line of thinking, wish you well, and pray for you (the most important, right?), I just wanted to point out the potential pitfalls if it is taken to extremes. I totally understand that you are working through your issues. I am with you on that!