Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Ok, so I like to take care of my feet. I have what you may consider "less-than-perfect" looking feet. No foot model here! But my dh likes feet. He likes mine to look nice. Maybe it's weird, but hey, it's something he likes. I'm his wife. I like to make him happy, if I can. So I try to take care of my feet.

For me this means a good scrubbing and scraping at least once a week, perhaps more in summer. I love a pair of sandals and want my feet to look all pretty in them (silly maybe, but that's me). My feet pretty much only look nice with some nail polish on them, so that's I do. I soak, scrub, scrape and smooth. Then I lotion 'em up, with this FABULOUS cream my dh bought for me at Bath & Body Works. Then I file my toe nails a bit, push back my cuticles, and paint away. Sometimes it a nice, shimmery pink. Sometimes a bold pink. Sometimes it's even a funky orange or crazy blue. Whatever I'm in the mood for. I'll even occasionally match my outfits (not that much anymore as I simply don't have that kind of time).

So anyways, I like my feet. When we were planning this "Be A Tourist in Your Own Town" day, I read that in order to climb up the stairs in the Lighthouse, you had to wear closed-toe shoes. NO sandals. But hey! I *like* sandals. I'm comfortable in sandals. I don't like to wear tennis shoes with my skirts. But I also DID want to climb up the lighthouse. So I donned the obligatory tennis shoes - with every intention of taking them right off and putting my sandals back on right afterwards.

Later that day, we were visiting the Seaway Terminal. We got to board three different boats. No silly shoe restrictions - yeah! I got to wear my sandals!! Look how pretty my feet looked - ahhh.....if anyone happened to glance down, well, what a pretty sight.

Vanity goes before....

Yup, the very first boat we visited, I turned around to ask a question and stubbed my toe. Hard. Really hard. I bit back any possible curse words (I would *never* curse.....*blush*....well....) and simply went on with my questions. I looked down a few minutes later and saw blood. Yup, blood. My big toe was mangled!! I had somehow torn back the middle section of my nail - all jagged and ripped and bleeding. Ouch. But not only ouch.....UGLY!! It looked painful and nasty. Hardly the beautiful feet I had envisioned.

How sad.

Soooo, silly story right?! Yup, pretty much. I tried to think of some moral significance. Maybe the whole pride issue - it could certainly apply. I will keep painting my toes, I will keep making the efforts to make my feet look nice for my hubby. But maybe I'll also think beyond good looks to safety as well. Perhaps I'll realize that beside dh and myself, most of Michigan probably does not care what color my toenails are. They probably do not take the time to ponder my choice of footwear. Really, Lori, come on!!

So there's my little story. About my feet. I guess I need to think of more interesting things to blog about 'eh??

Oh well.....enjoy the chillier weather today! No sandals here...

*Michigan Momma*


Shari said...

And you call me the weirdo. Weirdo.

Tess said...


What did I TELL you two about calling names?!!!

Besides, you're BOTH weird.


Anneatheart said...

Hey Lori,

Well, I made a blog, there's not much on it yet, but I do have some pictures.

*MichiganMomma* said...

I paid your blog a quick visit - I'll be back later today. I've gotta mow the lawn (again). Man, grass grows quick here in MI!!

Your girls are beautiful!!