Friday, August 10, 2007

Coming Soon...

Hello dear readers,

Coming soon: pics of my new, small duplex home!! I have even amazed myself in this organization process! I know that sounds conceited but honestly, I really am amazed at home our family of six fits into this home. I know not all of it would be considered "normal" - but I'm okay with that. Who wants to be normal nowadays anyway??

Example: dh takes the youth pastor (remember, he lives just across the street with his family) on a home tour. While taking a look around, the YP says, "this is *s0* not American living". At first I wasn't sure how to take his comment ~ but see, he has lived in Europe and has seen many different living arrangements. Americans definately have the most "space" ~ un-needed space, in his opinion. He was quite excited for us to experience this, to live so close to church, to be so close to his family, etc.

Here are a few "snap-shots" of my home, before things were all put together for larger shots. Now that all the pictures are hung and things look all put together, I'll take some better pics. But for now, here ya go:
I no longer have a dishwasher. Washing dishing is my LEAST favorite domestic chore. I know God is stretching me here for a reason, He *has* to be...

One of my favorites ~ a green candle in my bathroom. We live in the lower part of the duplex home, therefore we have these shelves all around our walls, the part where our home is underground. They can be kind of annoying, because all the outlets are ABOVE this shelf, but they are useful to hold things too.

Our great find! We found a "kitchen butler" originally at $330 ~ but because we bought the disply (quite banged up), it was only $100 (plus a bit of paint and the cool knobs). It is VERY useful and functional in my small kitchen for extra storage and counter space.

See my fairly cluttered counters? Ugh. But I'm working on it. I was cooking dinner here, but I wanted to show my newest thing: using old glass jars to hold kitchen foods (i.e. pastas, beans, etc.). That way, I can store them in visable places and they still look nice.
Here is the kid's closet ~ it may look cluttered but it is four small children's things (clothes, shoes, toys, blankies, educational books and dress-up clothes) in one fairly small closet. It has locks at the top of both closet doors to ensure the children don't get in there and rip apart my system!!

Ok, I'll share more later. I've got stuff to blog about, but little time to actually get to it. I'll figure out a schedule for this home soon and then I'll feel better about spending time on here. Blessings to all~
*Michigan Momma*

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Mrs Pea said...

Yes our homes are smaller - much smaller, but really I think that being organised, eliminating clutter and wanting less are all positive things that one has to do to live happily and prettily in smaller spaces. It must be odd to live in a European way in America though...I can't wait to see more pics!