Monday, August 13, 2007

Cutting back

In regardst to food, in regards to t.v., in regards to blogging, in regards to computer surfing in general, etc. I just need to cut back!

Right now I am in the process of organizing my homeschool "stuff" for this year. I know, it's only Pre-K/K but it is my first "official" year - plus I have the toddler and baby to juggle.

I am also coming up with a good schedule for our new home, and our new homeschooling year. So my Home Management binder is getting a re-vamp this week, and I hope to start next week.

In my initial schedule for our days, there is just hardly any time for stuff like blogging. Oh, I'm sure I'll get here often enough (I enjoy it too much!) ~ but I need to make sure all the rest of my duties are getting accomplished first and foremost.

So there ya go, I've cut back on my "optional/fun" blog reading - just keeping those I feel I've grown to know and love, plus family.

Oh, and did I mention Talitha is showing all the classic signs of being ready to begin potty-training? She's just so little, physically ~ plus I just didn't want to face it. Ugh....I'm going to have to mentally prepare myself for'ing is my *least* favorite momma-duty, I do believe.

Ok, home pictures will be here soon. Right now, we are making dinner to take to daddy - one bonus of living so close to the church!! Yeah!

I'll have better stuff to blog about soon....I think...
*Michigan Momma*

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Anneatheart said...


Candy sent me a plan for what she calls 'scatter' cleaning and I could send you the email about it. It works really well, and basically you just break up tasks like cleaning the bathrooms into smaller tasks that can be done in a few minutes each day. If you want it you can email me with your email.

Here's mine-