Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"Bread Baggies"

Here is a tip I am *about* to try - I heard it from my mom, who heard it.......well........probably through someone in the blogosphere.

If you plan on making bread every day in your bread machine (I just got one - and yes, I plan on making bread in it EVERY DAY!), go ahead and make up some "bread baggies" ahead of time. Put in all your dry ingredients needed for particular recipes (minus the yeast), label them with the type of bread and the needed wet ingredients (plus yeast), and you're set!!

Soooo, when you make up some potato bread, make up like five extra batches. Same with honey wheat bread, white bread or egg bread. Then you have all these bread baggies just waiting to go. It will cut down on that much more time, as you set about getting your "servants" going in the morning. Yes, you still have to get the wet ingredients, but hey, we could all use a little extra help in the mornings, right??!! (or is that just me?)

Do be careful: don't use these "bread baggies" for the *timed* setting - the salt may interact with the yeast you add in on top. But if you are just baking up a loaf almost every morning for the day - this will work great!

At least, I *think* it will work great. It *sounds* like it will work great. I'm going to go try it - right now....

I'll let ya know

*Michigan Momma*

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