Monday, September 24, 2007

Life's little interruptions

Today was the day.

The day when "normal life" was supposed to return to our family home. Vacation time was over, summer had drawn to a close, cooler weather was on its way and a more regular homeschooling schedule was calling. I was prepared to face the challenge ~ I was ready!

Apparently, "normal life" does not exist around here.

My self-potty-training 2 year old decided to take herself to the bathroom yesterday. She "peed" in the potty (not really) so she wanted to wipe. With toilet paper. With A LOT of toilet paper. Still, toilet paper dissolves fairly rapidly - so no problem, right?


Apparently, she must have also "wiped" with some of the conviently located baby wipes on the back of the toilet. THEN, she must have wanted to clean up any possible mess in the bathroom with Clorox-wipes. Yes, the kind children are not supposed to use. Yes, I know.

She was supposed to be in her room napping, by the way...

So instead of this wonderful, blissful day of organized learning ~ our family learned about sewers, back-ups, dissolving toilet paper, non-dissolving wipes, where the water goes when you flush the toilet, how much money a plumber makes (fairly good money, if I do say so) and what an auger (sp?) is. Not a bad day's education - what I had planned was ever so much more boring and "normal".

So after all that, it's now almost 4pm. I have a MOUNTAIN of laundry from our trip, from the weekend, and now from the clean-up process. I have...well...the clean-up process - which will require a LOT of bleach in the bathroom! I have a sink full of dishes and I haven't even *thought* about dinner. The children are either napping or taking a quiet, room time. My dh will be home within an hour (PTL!). And I know the sun will set, the sun will rise, and I'll have another go at this "normal day" thing.....

Oh, and lastly, as my son looked out the window today, wistfully watching the loud truck go by, he declared, "Momma, when I grow up, I'm gonna be a street sweeper, okay?".

Yes, son, it's okay. Momma knows how much you like things to be clean. Me too. You will make a great street sweeper!!

*Michigan Momma*

p.s. not to mention it's in the high-80's here today. Nice with the sewer problems, real nice.


Sarah said...

I'm sure one day you'll laugh about your 'little' sewer education day- for now, probably not so funny. Maybe 'today' will be boring and normal for you. :P

Barbara said...

Oh my! We had a little incident similar to that with my youngest daughter who is in training too. Just not quite that extensive.

Perhaps the rest of this week will be a bit more "normal". And you're right, there is no such thing as "normal" when you have little ones in the house! {{HUGS}}

Dean B. said...

Don't forget to mention how your husband did all the dishes and cleaned the kitchen (minus the floor). He sure is great!

~Your DH~

Tess said...

I love you Lori! I don't know how else I can help right now except pray that today was better.

And yes, Dean, you ARE wonderful!