Thursday, September 27, 2007

a quick note

Things are running along fairly well around here. The fans are running all day long to combat the wet carpets. The wet carpets (in 2 spots) are from the leaking hot water heater (for the upstairs apartment, yet located in our laundry room). I know, I know, ANOTHER water issue - but this one wasn't my 2yo's fault - whew...

I got plenty of my "servants" working hard today. Washing machine and dryer are working overtime to keep up with the amount of towels, washclothes, rags, dishcloths, etc. My breadmachine is on round #2 (with thoughts of a third today). My coffee maker humbly did his work early......umm.....well........sorta early......hmmm.........well, it *was* before noon!! If only I could hire a "servant" to do my dishes. old do you think a child should be before learning this task. I'm curious for child-training purposes, of course. Yes, for *their* good, yes.

I'm also on my third day of a horrible neck pain. I've taken three advil to combat it the previous two days, but now I'm beginning to worry. I don't mind a few OTC meds here and there - but not long-term, if possible. Hmm....I'm thinking I might check out our local Christian chiropractor.

"The Shop" idea is in full swing. Merely the *idea* at this point though. I'm checking out shipping options/prices, thinking of possible shop names, as well as prices for my wares. Also, just crocheted items or do some sewing too?? much to ponder.... I did meet a wonderful mom, 2 children and grandma yesterday at McD's (yes, we had to leave while the water was being pulled from the carpet) - she wanted to see what crocheted item I was working on (a round baby blankie) and was also interested in "The Shop". She wanted a url....but I'm not that far along yet. But just to know someone might actually be!

Okay, time to go finish the baby blankie, play with The Rock, do flashcards with Isaac (his newfound interest - cool!) and pray this loaf of bread turns out (the last one kinda fell, but we ate it anyways). I'll have more interesting things to discuss later....sure I will. VERY interesting, yes!

~here's a few crocheted items for you to peruse~

(I need to think about how to take better pictures, but this is what I have already on my computer)

smilin' over my beautiful babies today ~ messes and *all*
*Michigan Momma*


Sarah said...

Nice stuff. I don't crochet...well I can...I just choose not to. Just not my thing. I have a sister-in- law though that can whip up an afghan in about two days. It's pretty amazing! I sew though, that's about all. Anyway, good luck on your shop! Mine is also still in the 'thinking' mode. I have several sewn items that I could already sell if I wanted to- a couple dresses I made and then never wore, plus some diaper bags. They look fine I just didn't know if they were my 'style' after all. I hate when I go through all that work and then end up not wearing the thing. That 'so' aggravates me! :P

Ken said...

Selah has a mullet?!! Or is it just that her hair is pulled behind her ears? LOL


*MichiganMomma* said...

HA! It *does* look like she has a mullet - ewww....

Yes, I believe her hair is behind her ears - or this was before her first haircut, so it was all crazy anyways.

Mullets, ewwwww.....if any of my children ever wanted to *really* rebel, they wouldn't have to shave their head or get a mohawk or dye it purple - they would just have to get a mullet haircut. That I could never stand.