Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The 6-week HEALTH Challenge

Are you up for the challenge??

I am looking for a few other people to do this challenge with me. It is to improve our diet, to eat less food, to increase exercise, etc. Maybe this will include daily exercise, increased water intake, more fruits & veggies, a specific diet you are following, actual weight loss goals, whatever...

What I'm hoping for here is a get some other ladies involved. Each woman will come up with her own 6 changes. Now, you can work on one "change" at a time, or all 6 at once - if you are uber-disciplined!!

We will help each other through email support, here in the comments, at each other's blogs and perhaps through snail mail (a nice, encouraging card or gift works wonders!!). The main idea is to get involved with others. To be held accountable. To know that there are these other gals, working hard each day to change, just like you!

And it's just a 6 week challenge. I figured that was long enough to really CHALLENGE us, yet short enough to not overwhelm us. That would bring us to just past Thanksgiving.

So who's up for the challenge?

If you think this sounds like just what you need, leave a comment here. Then come up with 6 basic goals and get ready! We are already reading each other's blogs, we are already reading about each other's struggles and joys - why not help each other out and get a little bit of encouragement ourselves??

~Looking forward to the challenge~
*Michigan Momma*

Here are my 6 goals (just to give you some ideas)

#1. up every morning no later than 7am (this will include my daily Bible).
#2. exercise daily (this will include pilates, stretches, stregthening - that's what interests me)
#3. start carrying a water bottle around (filled with *filtered* water - we need a filter).
#4. increase WHOLE FOODS (and overall, just LESS food).
#5. keep the weight going DOWN (no specific numbers, just keep going down).
#6. get to bed each night between 10-11pm.
Your goals will be different - perhaps gluten-free or a specific diet program. You may already exercise each day, so maybe you need something new to jump-start your health improvement again. Maybe it's no t.v. during the daytime, or to simply get outside for fresh air each day. Whatever you need. Pray about it ~ ask God what He wants you to do. Ask you dh ~ perhaps he's been thinking about a change for the family in regards to health. Just pick 6 and get ready to be encouraged and challenged!!


Mary said...

This sounds wonderful, just what I need! 6 weeks is doable! I will work on my challenges anf get back with you!

Shari said...

Count me in. I've been off my diet for about 3 weeks now and need to rededicate myself to a healthier lifestyle. Here are my six goals. I think I will do only one per week since life has been pretty overwhelming lately.

1. Lower my caloric intake to 1500 calories.
2. Stop the pop.
3. Get at least 6 hours of sleep a day.
4. Increase my fruits and veggies.
5. Play more with the kiddos. Get active outdoors!
6. Increase high fiber, whole grain foods. Maybe even learn to use my new (to me) breadmaker.

Okay Lori, don't laugh. Yes, I may actually learn to use a breadmaker. I'll still always have mom do my sewing though. I'm not ready to take that plunge yet!

Mary said...

Ok, my challenges are:

1. Plan and eat 6 small meals a day, each having at least 10 grams of protien.
2. Take all of my vitamins every day.
3. Get vigorous outdoor activity every day.
4. Make time to sew every day. (for my mental health!)
6. Get 80-100 grams of protien every day.

Shari: Bless your heart, I hope you get your 6 hours of sleep!

Lori: Thank you for taking the time to start this! May I link to your blog?

*MichiganMomma* said...

Mary, Great goals ~ I'm thinking of typing out everyone's goals/challenges, then posting it by the computer so I can keep track.

Feel free to link to the blog ~ the more accountability for me, the better.

And I have to revise one of my goals. My dh reminded me that one of my BIGGEST problems lies in eating late at night. I can do *great* all day, but after I put the kids to bed - watch out!! I eat for relaxation at night, I guess.

I got a stretching/relaxation video at the library tonight, it's 20 min., so I'm going to try that at night, instead of food.

So I'm replacing #5. Keep the weight going down. - to - NEW #5. Don't eat after 8pm. (should I make that 7pm? I don't know.). If I am honestly keeping up with my challenges, then the weight will be going down anyways, so it doesn't need to be a specific goal, right?!?

More tomorrow, I'm tired....

*MichiganMomma* said...


The breadmachine was actually kinda tricky for me. I had to try a BUNCH of recipes before finding some that really worked. And it's true - my bread is much better if I just use the dough cycle, then take it out, form it, let it rise again and finally bake it in the oven. Just a nicer texture, nicer looking. But in a rush, it's great!

Go to the HillBilly Housewife (link on my blog sidebar) for some great ABM recipes.

SIX hours of sleep??? I could not function on 6 hours of sleep. My body has been crying if it's less than 8 recently. Seriously, if I get less than 8, I have to take a nap - seriously, my body just starts falling asleep later on that day. Weird. I'm hoping the regular exercise (not to mention lower weight overall) will help my energy level and stamina (which are ZERO right now).

Luv ya sis,

Holly said...

Lori - feel free to e-mail me. I'm at

The challenge sounds great! :) I would join you...but baby is due about the time the challenge ends! I'll need you girls later! :)

Love, Holly

Julie said...

Lori, count me in, girl. I will get back to you with my goals.