Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Looking for just the right one

Christmas Tree Farm, that is. This is a huge tradition for our family, becoming more so each year. Although, in the years since we've been doing this, I don't think we've ever lived in the same area for more than one (maybe two) years - so we are constantly looking for just the right farm.

These are just a couple pics from the website of the farm we will be visiting. Our *ideal* farm must have cut-your-own tree (obviously), a hay-ride (horse drawn is a bonus!) to the tree field, a quaint gift shop, hot cocoa/cider & cookies while we warm up after finding the "perfect" tree (free food is also a bonus), handmade wreaths for sale, oh and to top it off, a family-owned business where you see the dad, the mom, their children, perhaps their spouses - all joining in to make it a memorable tradition for *our* families. How terrific is that??

And of course, snow....

*Michigan Momma*


Theresa said...

Omigoodness, us too!! LOL! Although "Granny D's Christmas Trees" doesn't sell handmade wreaths, they have a tractor drawn hayride that takes you back where the trees are, a petting zoo and hot chocolate for while you wait to get picked back up with your tree, and a bonfire where some of the family sits and collects your money. :o)

Anonymous said...

I bought a tree there last year and enjoyed the trip, but I can't find the address or phone number! I remember it was in the SW corner of Jackson county, MI, past Horton, but that is as close as I can get to remembering how to find it.

Can you help?