Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yoga for Dummies

As I said before, I highly recommend this DVD for anyone who wishes to try yoga. Especially if you are WAY out of shape, or have simply never done yoga before. As someone who fits into both of those catergories, I really enjoy this video.

That said, here are some interesting tidbits about my "practice" (as they call it):

*usually half-way through my practice, I end up shooing all the kids into their room to play. This is usually done in a calm, kind, low tone voice - ya right!! - it's actually more like "that's IT! get to your room until Momma is done with YOGAAAAAAAA". Ahhhh....feel the relaxation.

*My body is obviously *not* balanced. Here is my tree pose on the right side (obviously not me):

Here is my tree pose on the left side(yes, I know it's a child posing - that's how bad this side is): even with this major modification, I still can't hold it for more than a few seconds without losing my balance. I wonder if this has to do with my hip dysplasia??

*My back is honestly strengthening up - thank the Lord. I was getting to the point where every time I bent over, I hurt my back getting back up again. ugh.

*It say right in the video that yoga is NOT a religion. There is no mention of chakras, chees (I have no idea how to spell these things), third eyes, whatever. The only thing it mentions is that a balanced body helps promote a balanced spirit - I'm guessing it's the other way around. Start with your spiritual life and it will overflow into all other areas.

*It is relaxing, yet also is DEFINITELY working/toning my muscles. I am fairly relaxed during most poses (some are a bit more difficult) - but the next day, whoa! Do I feel it!! And it is simply enough for me to even do it while I am recovering from this nasty sinus infection gunk. I really *do* feel better after exercising!

*I'm hoping this will mainly help my back: my posture, strengthen the muscles, etc. Carrying extra weight around (especially in my chest - nursing each baby hasn't helped - well, it's helped THEM but not my back, oh you know what I mean....) has put undue pressure on my back for years. In additon to losing some of the weight, I hope to improve my back through exercises as well.

And there you go. This tape is great. The instructor is not annoying. The tips are very helpful. The modifications for each pose are lifesavers! And once I get better, there is an intermediate routine as well. If you get a chance, check it out from your library (that's how I first discovered it).

Ok, off to shower.......
*Michigan Momma*


Anneatheart said...

Lori-Thanks so much for your encouraging words. I know your life isn't perfect, but I don't know of anyone else with many small children who are homeschooling. Would you mind emailing or commenting a basic run-down of what you do each day, as far as the order in which you do things, how you get the others occupied etc.? I know things will be different for me because of the special needs issue, but I would love to see an example of someone else's schedule to help me. Thanks!!!

*MichiganMomma* said...

Ugh....totally left you a comment here, then blogger deleted it...

Needless to say, I'll get back to you tomorrow, okay?? For now, just relax, get her confident again at home with you and her sisters. She needs time to un-school a bit.

Till tomorrow~

Sarah said...

I've so totally wanted to try Yoga. Hooray for keeping to it- that's usually my downfall- sticking to something! Ugh...I horrible about exercising!