Friday, January 11, 2008

clothes, clothes and more clothes kiddos have A LOT of clothes.

I thought I had a handle on things, but taking a look in their closet, the storage bins, the under bed bins, etc......well, I think I need to get a better grip. We are greatly blessed by members of our church, our family, etc. and I am so thankful! Yet I need to rethink what I am keeping, saving and passing on to others.

We will be moving (just across the street this time) at the end of February, and I'd like to tackle the clothing issue before then. I will have the two girls in one room and the two boys in one room. Each room has your average size closet. I KNOW I won't have room for each child to have their own dresser IN their rooms. I've gotten a few bits of advice on this, but I'm here to ask you, my readers, as well.

If you have many littles (or even if you don't), how do you handle all the clothes?? Do you limit the number of outfits each child has? Do you keep all clothes out of their rooms (as in a family closet)? Do you use bins, dressers (in rooms or in laundry area), under bed space, closet organizers, etc? Share with me your clothing organization secrets............

Thanks ~ I'll be sharing pics later!
*Michigan Momma*


Thirdtimemomma said...

Um... handle clothes? Um... what? I tried to be a minimalist once. It didnt work... What about a family closet? IN a central location. we are lucky here to have nice sized closets with Shelving on one side and the other has two hanging bars. One low and one high. :) The boys room is stuffed to the brim. (in the closet) And they have drawers for play clothes... :) WE have a clothing problem too I think.

*MichiganMomma* said...

ya, I'm always able to *find* room for the clothes - there are some GREAT organizers and I'm fairly neurotic about being neat.

I think the problem stems from just having TOO many clothes in general. One lady told me she has 7 outfits per kid, plus 3 "church" outfits. I think perhaps I need some type of "limit" or guidline as well.

If I only had one or two, perhaps this wouldn't be a big deal (it obviously wasn't back then). Just as the clan is increasing, we can't keep running our lives as if we were a family of four anymore....

Just thinking out loud here....
and playclothes in the drawers....sounds like a great idea!!

Anneatheart said...

I'm certainly not the right person to give advice. I have boxes of clothes for them to grow into, boxes of clothes I need to pass on to my niece, and boxes of clothes for my girls for spring and summer...I did go through and minimize the amount of clothing in their drawers. Our girls do have a big bedroom, so they each have their own dresser, one of which is in the closet. Their closet isn't huge but it works well enough. I probably keep enough play clothes for 6 days in their dressers, however I think there is more for 'extras' you know. Socks are out of control as usual. Nice clothes are hanging up and there are way too many of those. One thing I've been thinking about is if my girls wear only dresses- no jumpers and blouses, pants etc.- then it's all one piece and you could just hang it up. But then, if someone gives me a box of gorgeous clothes that aren't dresses, it sure is easy to go that route than spend time and money sewing or hunting dresses.

We now have a lack of shoes...need to shop around for some more. I don't think I was very helpful Lori, oops.

Anonymous said...

hey Lori,
With lots of littles and a church family who just knows we need more . . . I'm always battling the mountains of clothes - they seem to reproduce in the drawers or laundry bins! I read somewhere on a clothing amount to keep. It was a handy guide for me this past summer and really really helped tame the beast.

As for keeping, storing, give away, next season etc. I have a bin in my closet that I put in anything that is going out of the house (good enough to give away). when I'm folding laundry I put that stuff in there to go to goodwill. In each of the kids closets (boys room/ girls room) I have two large bins up high - one for the next kid down. So my oldest daughters clothes that she's grown out of go in there for little sis. The other bin is to store for a future sibling. Now I only keep the very best stuff, elastic won't last forever and I don't know if I'll have another girl - I may have five more boys or the Lord may not give us any more kids. So I'm choosy about what goes in that bin - lots goes into my closet bin for good will. then when the bin gets full I take it down, purge it again (sometimes that makes lots more room), when it's really full I lable it and up to the attic it goes.

wow this is a book! Hope my crazy system makes sense/ helps.

When in doubt I try to bless others with our things. We've been given so much and I don't want to horde STUFF unneccesarily.

I really love your blog!

Kenni B said...

I've found the floor works GREAT!