Monday, February 4, 2008

Momma Mondays

I typed out this whole long post.....

It was boring and I rambled.

Basically, today is a wash. I'm tired. I'm just cuddling babies, reading books, watching tv, playing games with the babies, and trying not to eat poorly. So far, so good.

No one got much sleep last night and we are ALL a bit whiney around here.

I need sleep.
*Michigan Momma*


Mary said...

I love days like you described, just holding and playing with the kids. Or in my case, kid. You are giving your kiddos such a precious gift; yourself!

Love your new blog format, too!

Mary in TN

Shane Vander Hart said...

I hear you... with the lousy weather we are having today is pretty much a wash for me too.

Tell Dean I said hello.

My Life With Boys said...

I know that feeling all too well...