Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Workin' Wednesday

Well, I still haven't worked anymore on the updated version of the 70's sweater. I just haven't felt motivated, I guess....

Another way that I "work" around here involves our church. I am the kid's choir director ~ performing one song per month in "big" church, plus two musical productions (Spring & Christmas), plus anything else the Children's Pastor asks of me (he's my dh, so I guess it's to be expected - HI HONEY!!). This helps with our housing at the parsonage, which is a blessing!

Anyways, I am just starting up on the Spring Musical. These kids are fairly new to me still, so we are all getting to know each other. I'm always so excited at this point, but by the end, I'm ready to be DONE!! Praise the Lord it's just two musicals per year - so I get a nice break between productions.

Yet it can be difficult to get any work done with four little kids in the house. I either have to wait until they are in bed (which by that time, *I'm* tired), or naptimes (when I'm trying to get other house chores done). One of the ways I'm dealing with this is to attend church on Saturday evening. Neither dh nor I have responsibilities during that service, it's still the senior pastor preaching, and they have good child care for our littles. This gives us a chance to actually go, sit still, and be fed from the sermon. ALSO, it opens up time for me on Sunday morning to go to dh's office for a good hour or so, and really get work done.

With this arrangment, I don't have to work so hard to find time AT HOME, with all the babies, to get my work done. It works for me, it works for our family, it works for the kid's choir.

All that to say, you may be in a position to help your family out financially. If you are, there are ways to do that WITHOUT sacrificing time with your family, or sleep for that matter. You have to figure out what works FOR YOU. Not everyone will have the option to go to service on Saturday night. Yet you may be able to find time other evenings, perhaps a "daddy night" which can free you up for an hour or two. It *can* be done - even if it isn't in the "traditional" way of a 9-5 job.

God bless you, your family and your efforts to give your best to them~
*Michigan Momma*

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Cassandra said...

I liked your story in my comments. It made me smile. The funny thing is, is that I got all ready yesterday- showering, doing my makeup, hair, and even putting on nylons(!) thinking, "Oh, they'll have the roads cleared by 7- no problem."
Problem was, it snowed the whole day, so they were just trying to keep their head above water the whole day, (the plowers) so by 6, the roads were awful, and drifting, and my father in law called off church. Sigh.
He had called us at 6 and said that he might still do the service, but he didn't even want us to try to come- the roads were that bad. And then he called a few minutes later and said he had cancelled the whole thing. I think just about every church had cancelled here. You couldn't even see the road.
We are supposed to have a basketball/volleyball game at our church tonight, and if we don't, I am afraid I will go crazy. I am getting really sick of winter! Lol-I am such a whiner. But I need to talk to other adult humans! I need to, I need to.....