Monday, March 3, 2008

a late night quickie

Ok, it's not quite midnight and I'm about ready for bed - that's fairly early for us these last few weeks. Today we got the table oiled (dh got it assembled yesterday), the benches put together, some more shelves up, the girls' bed put back together, a few errands, loads of laundry - PLUS, we celebrated Selah's fifth birthday!! Her birthday is technically tomorrow, but my hard-working dh is working all day tomorrow (including an evening meeting) so we jumped the gun a bit. It was our first meal on our new table - cake & ice cream and pop! Whoo-hoo!!

I feel like I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. All the bookcases need to be assembled and filled, plus all the family pictures hung on the walls, but all in all - we're gettin' there! I aksed dh when the garage might get done - he said when things thaw out around here. I thought maybe that would happen today - we got a nice, long rain - but it's all snow and ice again now. *sigh*

I have lots of pictures to share - just as soon as I get a few minutes to sit down and download. I have organizing of the kids' toys to do, plus some major cleaning (you get everything set up, then take a step back and realize it's all dusty!!). I have given myself one more week, then we get back to school around here. I also have to memorize the musical in two weeks (the adult Easter musical) and get some more details worked out for the kid's spring musical.

The washer is leaking (just a poor connection with one of the hoses), the dishwasher is leaking, and the fridge is freezing things. Yet I'm still happy as a clam!! God certainly knew what He was doing, having us live in that ultra-small apartment for 6 months. It was just the perfect amount of time (of course it was - God is perfect) - enough to make me re-evaluate what we *needed* in our home, to prioritize ~ yet not enough to drive me completely crazy! Now that we are here (in what some would still consider a small space for a family of six), I am *so* happy and content. I'm estatic about the storage space, I'm searching for things to display on my shelves (rather than decorating with necessities), and we are settling in nicely.

Pictures coming soon......
*Michigan Momma*

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becominglikehim said...

Good to have ya back!!!! Could you e-mail me? I have an important question to ask of you!!!!