Wednesday, March 19, 2008

a late "peek"

Sorry about it being so late today. My dh woke me up at 9am - and everyone was still sleeping (except Selah - my early bird & my night owl - she must not need as much sleep or something...). Anyways, everything is a bit behind today.

Today, we're taking a look at the girl's room & the bathroom. Both are upstairs, right off from the front room. This room is *not* done, decoration-wise. I believe we are going for a princess/fairy/garden type of design (just very girly) - but we don't have the money to simply run out and buy everything at once. Plus what fun is that? I'm hopin' for a GREAT garage sale season this year. There are a few really, um, wealthy areas that usually have stuff in terrific condition. I'll just keep my eyes open and I bet this room will be decorated in no time!

For now, here's the room. It's not all that big, but it's just fine for the two girls (5 & 2). Here is their bed, a bunk bed from IKEA with a full on bottom and a twin on top. We use the full for guests and the girls just sleep together on the top (which is usually how they end up anyways - they hardly ever sleep in their own beds).

(how 'bout that huge pony?)

(their dresser - it's actually the baby dresser, meaning whenever a baby arrives, this dresser usually follows to the baby's room. It's a dresser that holds a changing pad on it, my folks bought it for us when Isaac was a baby). Right now it just holds dollies on top~)

(we did go buy black-out liners and a valance for the window - the girls would be up at the crack of dawn if we did not have these liners. They also picked out the valance, all flowers & wispy. The pink blankie? Well, my mom made it for them, for their dollies. I didn't want to leave their walls completely blank for the next few months, so as I was struggling to find something to put up, Selah told me to hang up the "pretty dollie blankie". Sure, why not? They like it, it's a nice handmade item. I'll take it down later - so they can actually play with it - once I find some things for their walls.
And you can just *barely* see Tali's play-kitchen towards the bottom. The girls make me tea every single sweet!)

(and here are their liner hold-backs. One of them already is held together by super-glue. I wanted them to be PERFECT, at exactly the same angle.....and I snapped one of the flowers right off. great. So now it's glued together and *almost* at the same, perfect angle as the other one - and I'm okay with that, I am.....)

(here are those black-out liners - purchased at Wal-Mart, I believe. They are a bit heavier than normal window panels and they actually velcro together - can you see that?. They are totally worth the money *under $20* and they look nice pulled back)

(under the bed, we have four IKEA baskets that match the finish of the bed. Going from left to right, we have Tali's shoes, tights, socks and Selah's shoes. This is a nice use of this kinda small space under the bed)

(I use bi-fold door child locks on all my kid's closet doors, plus our education closet. It saves me a lot of messes and frustration. And helps me to retain my sanity....somewhat *grins*)

(inside their closet - nothing big. The white organizer was already there. I have a little diaper area there on the shelf, plus the girl's hair thingies are in the white bin. Their clothes hamper is in here, plus the diaper pail - ho-hum, your basic closet....)

(behind their door are their hooks. I put their clothes for the next day, so they can get dressed after breakfast, after they brush their teeth. They then put their jammies on the hooks, all ready for bedtime that night. It's works great, and I don't have clothes all over the floors. Also, see the picture? I heard pictures should be eye level - but this is a room for little girls. I don't want the pictures *that* low, so I compromise. Most of the decoration will end up being a bit lower than in a regular room - and that's okay! I just want the girls to really enjoy it.)

And quickly, the bathroom. It is on the main floor (this pic is taken standing in the front room) and is the only bathroom (not counting a toilet & cement block shower in the basement - ugh, I don't count it). So it's not decorated "kid" style, nor is it all fancy "adult" style either. Polka dots are fun!!

(I have a black picture frame photo here in the mini-hall to tie in with the front room. I almost ALWAYS have the bathroom locked (with the key on top of the door frame) - we have had some instances of momma's lotion being acquired and squirted all over the floor - plus dangers with the toilet and little we just keep it locked. It's a hassle with letting my older kids in the bathroom, but worth it to not have my 2yo put all the toilet paper down the toilet at once - man, she's fast!!!!)

(basic bathroom: shower curtain, floor mat, book/magazine on back of toilet. Above the toilet, we have a nice picture frame w/ four pics. Three of them have pics of the kids, and the fourth one has a verse about children as a blessing. Hey, everyone has to use the bathroom at some time, and this is a nice way to express our views on children in a nice, non-threatening way. Ooooo....we're sneaky......

(on the opposite wall, we have some of the kid's artwork. What better art is there??)

Okay, so not only was the "peek" late today, but it was L O N G.....sorry about that. I gotta get back to the house and the babies. Luv to all~
(I told Isaac to look "handsome" - what a cutie! They are all such hams whenever they see me with the camera.....)

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Shari said...

Okay, I'm just gonna have you come to my house and decorate. I have enough "stuff" to work with. I just don't have the great skill that you have. You are definitely blessed in that area.