Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fun kitchen gadgets

I was getting bored in the kitchen - I was overwhelmed in general and just wanted to stay away from the kitchen entirely - that is *so* not like me. I like to cook for my family, I enjoy new recipes, I love cooking!

I feel like I am SLOWLY coming out of my overwhelmed-ness ~ and I recently got some new gadgets to get the motivation going again in the kitchen:

The cookie scooper - just a mini ice-cream scooper, that I use to scoop up cookie dough. Nice size cookies, all the same size, good for determining accurate baking time. And just oh-so-fun to use!!

My new little heart-shaped...uh...thingy. I first used it to make heart-shaped pancakes. My son took one look at his plate, *sighed*, then said "Momma, you *love* me, don't you". Yes, son, I love you THIIIIIIIIIIIIIS much!!

I just used them today to make heart-shaped eggs too. Cute.

Lastly, we just made up a big ol' batch of homemade french fries last night ~ in our new Cool Daddy deep fryer (Father's Day gift). Can't wait to put that to other good uses!

Anyways, just sharing. Have a great day in YOUR kitchen!!


Anonymous said...

love the cookies scooper......
glad you bought it!!!!!


PS. I hope that I get to have one of those cookies.....HA

Tess said...

Cool Stuff...isn't *stuff* the thing that makes ordinary jobs fun?

ps where are my pictures?

Julie said...

I watched two days straight of the Food Network when we were on vacation and it motivated me in the kitchen for months! LOL

Anonymous said...

Ok, a deep fryer? That's a heart attack waiting to happen.

Danielle said...

Love the heart shapes:) Happy to see your motivated in the kitchen...I'm working in that direction!LOL


My Life With Boys said...

Love your new kitchen stuff- I've always wanted one of those little scooper things. Also- Cassandra isn't blogging anymore. There was this big ol' ordeal surrounding her decision to stop blogging. I feel bad for her- she really loved to blog! I'll let her know you were asking about her- she'll appreciate it. =)