Wednesday, July 2, 2008

too much summer for me

Ok, nope, I don't really enjoy summer. I like going to the lake here and there. I enjoy watching my kiddos slip on the slip-n-slide. I like all the grillin' my dh does for dinner time. But other than a few things, ugh, I really don't like summer ~ too hot...

And the lack of schedule. I have let the idea of "it's summer, let's relax"...just take over our lives. My kids are all crazy and easily annoyed and disobedient.....and I honestly think a lot of it has to do with a lack of rountine. I've been slipping on the "Momma Job" and need to get back to it.

So we will be implementing a new "semi-relaxed" schedule tomorrow (not today, as I need to print off some basic charts for the kiddos). "Semi" as in not a full school load. We will continue on with our "100 Easy Lessons" for phonics and any other "homeschool" family lessons we happen to come across in life (like those interesting in the tree out back).

The monthly chores are great! The kids have 2 months with each grouping of chores. And it seems we have finally found a length of time that works for our family. Two months gives them time to learn the chore, yet not too long that they are bored. Great.

Boring, huh?

Oh well, it's summer, what do you expect? It's too hot to do anything else...


Shari said...

I totally understand how you feel. Even though I am enjoying the relaxation of summer, I miss having a routine. We have a semi-routine, which is basically a to do list for each day. I'm almost looking forward to the start of our new year. Although honestly, it hasn't even begun to get hot yet!


*MichiganMomma* said...

Don't remind me...I realize the heat hasn't even begun yet...ugh, the 90's and 100's of August....double ugh.

Julie said...

HA! I just wrote the same sentiments about summer on my blog... LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey Lori!
I'd love to see your chore charts! I'm feeling the need to revamp that area. My 6 and 5 year olds are needing something more. Your family picture is really graet too - everyone looking good is a huge feat with all the little ones!