Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Baby Moves & Head Explodes

Ok, it took me really long time to think of a title for this post. It's just that not a lot is really going on. We have been super-busy, but not with a lot of blog-able stuff.

I woke up Thursday morning with the beginnings of a headache. It grew to a migraine that lasted until Sunday. That is just not right! I couldn't take my usual emergency-drug, Excedrin, 'cause I asked my OB exactly what risk was associated with aspirin. Ya, some stuff about heart valves and early closure. Um, nope, I can't take Excendrin EVER AGAIN while preggo.

Now what am I going to do??

My OB thought they sounded like sinus headaches (I disagree, seeing as how I have them a few times a month and have no other sinus problems) - so she had me try Tylenol Sinus. I did. Religiously, for 3 1/2 days. Nothing. Did not help ONE BIT. Horrible. Tylenol is NOTHING!!

Anyway, school was a bit light on those days, but seeing as how I did something each day, I didn't feel bad. We picked it up again today, and things are going great! I just finished putting together their "Portfolio" folders (just to hold some of their work) - so cute! I am almost done with their new chore charts (starts in Oct.) and they are excited about that (kids excited about chores - I know this won't last).

I sang at a Ladies Brunch at church Saturday morning, which went great! I still was dealing with headache stuff, but this was right before I got sick. Yes, NOW I am dealing with a sinus-infection, cough-stuff. And no headache now - weird. But it hit AFTER the singing gig, so all is good. My kid's choir at church had their auditions Sunday mornings - hectic, but good! Sometimes, ok, MOST times I feel overwhelmed by that job - but I really do love it in the end. I just feel like I am juggling too many plates and I'm not sure which ones to put down....ever feel that way??

My house is....um....undergoing a change. Well, *I* am undergoing a change. It's called "Lower Expectations" and it's interesting. If you know me at all, I tend to be a neat freak, an obsessive organizer and a cleaner. That person is still there, trying to gain control again - but I believe that is one of the plates I dropped when Elijah was born. I just haven't been able to keep up my "before-children" cleanliness standards since he arrived. I'm not sure how I managed before baby #4.....

So my standards have had to change somewhat. They are still in flux....somedays I just don't give a hoot! Somedays I feel embarrased and guilty. Yet I must admit, the latter is happening less and less - while most days I just do the best I can and call it a day.

It feels like our family has been running full-speed for a few weeks now and we need a break. This weekend, Dean & I are required to attend a conference at our church (its for everyone, but staff is required). So that's another Saturday lost to the race. Ugh. We just don't do well at high speed for long distances.

But then (yes, I know I'm not supposed to start a sentance with BUT), Dean starts his vacation the following Monday. We have NO PLANS. I think Dean wants to get the outside of our home/yard/garage more "winter ready" and organized. That's it. Otherwise, we get to simply chill (and homeschool, of course). I can't wait!

Sooooo.....I told you about the 4-day headache (well, 3 1/2 day) - that is why my head was about to explode (see title). The Baby Moves part is pretty explanitory (sp?) ~ I think I felt the baby move this morning!! How exciting! Now, I know it's a bit early, but I'm on baby #5 - I think I'm just more aware of what that feeling is. Either that or I'm more in tune with my digestive system than I thought......*ha*

All is going just fine in that department ~ I'll have an ultrasound at 19 weeks - that's the next appointment. Other than that, it's just get through the days, love on my kiddos, grow a baby and remember why we are doing all this. HIS GLORY! Whew....

Have a great day~


Kenni B said...

Ahh....baby number 5....I know a certain Uncle that can't WAIT!!!!

Love you!

My Life With Boys said...

I always feel my babies move at around 13-14 weeks so you probably 'did' feel your baby move (how exciting!). I usually feel little kicks by 16 weeks. I hope your sinus issues get better and hopefully that awful headache won't return!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lori....Keep up the good work! It wil all be a rythm after a while. Remember....don't sweat the *small* stuff. Keep the priorities as straight as you have so far and everything will turn out fine. I also KNOW that God will honor your efforts because it is right(ous). Talk to you all very soon. Marlene

Mimi said...

Ouch, sounds painful. I hope you are better soon.
How excited are the older ones? My sister is expecting her second one in December and my nephew at 18 months is too little to notice or care.


Tereza said...

whew is right:):) And same here and by the way you'll be really happy that you finally KNOW how to relax about the house while other moms stress abdout all that stuff!!! You can't do more than your best and sometimes you best is less than you expected!

Shannon L. Fowler said...

Hope your sinuses clear & you feel better!!

Since you are running so hard, maybe consider taking the week off school while your hubby is home. That's what I always did. :)

God Bless,
Shannon in NC