Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Trying something new

It is a new season - well, it feels like a new season. Once again, we had the temperatures climb back up into the 80's (just barely), and it felt so HOT after some nice autumn weather. Our home was hot and the air conditioners were gone. Ugh.

Then this morning, I woke up to a wonderfully cool, rainy day. Ahhh... It feels so fresh and new.

I also awoke to a fresh new mess downstairs. great. That was *not* what I needed. So we cleaned it up together (ok, I yelled a bit, and then had to apologize), then I deemed today a "no computer/tv/movie day". At least for awhile. They need to remember how to play together, how to solve problems, how to be creative, how to love each other and how to clean up their own messes.

So right now, I am listening to the sounds of four small children playing upstairs. A little bit of "Simon Says", a bit of hide-n-seek, some jumping on the bed. Yes, there's some arguing, but they are trying to work it out.

And I am trying to relax. Yes, they will make a mess - and that's okay. Really, it is. It is. (it's me I'm trying to convince here). I have four small children, and there's bound to be noise and messes. Comes with the package. But what adorable packages they are.

So now, I'm going to go check on the mess, I mean, children....then crochet a bit while I finish watching a Dugger show I recoreded last night. Hopefully, I will be inspired to embrace some of this chaos, while also striving for order and balance. There *is* a balance there somewhere, right?!

Yes, I do believe there is. It just looks so different in each family. God gives us all such different strengths, weaknesses, & situations. I'm wondering what our "balance" looks like? I'm going to try to find out~

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Anonymous said...

I tried to get into the Dugger's but they seem a little too hokie for me. and *I* want to give my children individual attn. Not make them sign up for a time. Just not for me.

Now, for me? Jon and kate plus eight is THE family!! Normal everyday parents. And we live in the same town!

Love, those children! My hubby and I decided (and the Lord) on 4. We're have 2 now. And in time we'll have the other 2. 2 very noisy children...but they are only children once!