Tuesday, November 4, 2008

as I get older...

...I seem to be more affected by the presidential race.

I'm guessing this has to do with having children and just seeing beyond my own little sphere of self. My stomach is all in knots - not because I'm scared of an Obama-nation - instead it is the knowledge that so many Christians actually helped get him to this point. It is the fact that so many Christians actually were able to delude themselves into thinking a man who kills babies is what's best for our country. And yes, when he votes, when he signs those papers, he is killing babies. There's no way around that. It doesn't matter what else he does in the name of "good" - you can't have it both ways.

And the fact that so many of these "Christians" (and no, I can't help but put that word in parentheses) are young (in age, and in their faith). It sure does spur me on even more in my efforts to raise my babies in TRUTH. Yes, there is *TRUTH* - and it is not relative. It is not wishy-washy and it does not change based on feelings.

Yet, I do have hope. I have hope because God is sovereign. God in in control. God is God. He never changes. Nothing we do surprises Him.

I have hope because I see it in the faces of my little ones. I see it in the faces of my friends who also are raising their children for the Lord. I feel it in my own heart, as I look at my expanding belly, and knowing GOD loves this child even more than I already do or ever could.

I have hope because I know, I KNOW, God has already won! Yes, we have to live here for now. Yes, these decisions will affect our life here on earth. Yet in all reality, our time here is short. And in the end, God has already won.

And lastly, it is true - this election has spurred me on to be a light, to have our family be a light, in this ever-darkening world. I do feel the weight of this, so heavy, stifling, almost a palpable sensation.....yet when I keep my eyes on Him, I can breathe. I can sigh and know He is Good. Praise Yahweh!!

Please, tell us how you feel. How has this election changed you? Or has nothing changed? I'm interested in your thoughts, even if they are different than my own. God bless you, my friends~


Kenni B said...

Abortion is murder. Period. In ANY case as un-caring as that sounds in light of a Mother's life being in danger. It is playing God, just like assisted-suicide and even the death penalty in my opinion.

However, do we call the legislators who have made it legal to own a gun murderers when someone uses a gun to kill someone? I don't know. It's a tricky question and a slippery slope.

Anonymous said...

Um, I totally disagree. Abortion can NOT be ruled by the gov't. Every woman has a choice, and should. I don't like abortion, and abhor it, but it's not my choice.

Christians who are young and young in their faith chose Obama? Pft, I don't think so. Most of us looked at ALL the issues. For me, I had to look at ALL the issues, and make an INFORMED decision for me.

And for judging those who did NOT choose a loose cannon like McCain/Palin, may God judge you in the same manner.

Sarah said...

I am a young Christian and I voted for John McCain and Sarah Palin. I watched CNN until midnight, and when they announced that Obama had the electoral votes needed to win the election, I started crying. I do not hate Obama. I have a huge problem with his beliefs, and I am very uneasy over his ties to the Muslim world, terrorism, and fraud. I will be a prayer warrior for Barack Obama and our country. God is still in control. To the person who commented above me, Lori is expressing HER opinion on HER blog. It is pretty low leaving an anonymous comment. Be assured, EVERYONE will be judged before God for their decisions and actions.

Dean B. said...

Anon-a woman's "choice" came when she decided to have sex which, in case you don't know, ALWAYS has the cance of conceiving a child. (This is barring the case of a woman being raped.) If you want to have sex, then be prepared to accept the consequences of those actions.

Let's remember that blogs are a place to express opinions, and if you don't like someone's opinion/belief, don't visit their blog.

*Michigan Momma* said...

Kenni, good point about the lawmakers of guns and such. In such a case as guns - they can be used for self-defense, hunting (sport), etc. AND for murder. Knives can also be used for murder...oh, and cooking (ha!).

Yet in the case of abortion, what is it used for? Murder, plain and simple. And in Obama's case, murder of children who are born ALIVE after a messed up abortion. There's just no wondering what a person will use this law for - they will use it for murder. At least that's how I see it.

Anon. - as a country, as a society, we need laws. Abortion is murder, it needs to be illegal. Killing someone is not a good thing, it needs to be illegal. Yes, we all have choices to make, we all are responsible for those choices, yet as a society, laws are just a necessary part of life.

I was basing my statement regarding younger Christians on some statistics I have heard on Christian radio stations, plus my own experience in my church and places online (Facebook, blogs, etc.). I have heard this from many people, how the younger generation is making this choice (Obama) based on "the overall picture" rather than one issue. The problem I have with this is the "one issue". It is murder. You can't get around murder. As a Christian, I'm not exactly sure how you could say, "well, yes, abortion is murder, but he has really good ideas about the economy". The ecomony? An important issue, sure. On the same level as abortion - no way.

Sarah - I have definitely gotten the impression that the majority of Christians voting for Obama were younger Christians (in age and faith). I also believe it is a generation we have failed - they were raised by public schools that hate God, they were raised by absent parents, and they now have a very skewed version of what TRUTH is. BUT - this is not *all* young Christians, by any means. I know MANY young, godly Christians who are strong in their faith and stand firm on TRUTH. I'm so sorry if I came across as accusatory towards all young Christians. It was a generalization.

Dean - luv ya babe!
As to rape, my personal opinion, the baby still doesn't deserve to die. The rapist needs to be punished (in ways I'm not allowed to talk about here on this blog - let's just say I fully believe in the punishment fitting the crime) but the baby does not deserve to die.
In cases were a couple comes together, conceives a child out of wedlock - no, they should not have done that. Yet the child is not a mistake. God KNEW this child would be conceived - he or she is loved FULLY by God! Same in the case of rape. FULLY LOVED BY GOD!!

Ok, well, yes, these are all my opinions - and yes, this is my blog. Guess if you read here, you have to read my opinions. You don't have to agree with them (of course not), and I don't mind you telling me why you disagree. As long as we can all remain civil and kind, we're good!

Good thoughts people~

Jess said...

Lori, I so admire your comments on Obama. This monring when I woke up and found that Obama would be the president of the United States, my heart sank. All day I have been walking around in a daze. I am so upset that our nation supported and voted for a man that has voted for aboration over and over again, supports homosexuals, and wants to invade each and everyone of our personal lives. This is true he wants everyone to have the same as the other and he is again homeschooling. On top of that he is being sued by seven states to prove his citizenship which he says he was born here but it has been said that he was born in Kenya. They have put a block on his file and of course they are not saying any of this in the news. But it is true. So our nation just might have voted a man in that isn't even a true citizen of the United States. Plus as it was stated he has close ties with our enemies, enemies that are out to destory our nation. I feel that with him as our president our nation is doom.

I look at my children and think of their future, how will it be, will they have freedom to praise the Lord or bow their heads to give thanks. I am in fear for my children but deep down I don't believe it will go on for long. What do I mean by this? Well when I read my bible and the coming of Jesus, I believe it is at the door. I think the end of time is very very close and this last event makes it even closer. I think us as Christians need to become stronger in our faith and be prepared. We may have to die for our Lord. I think it will get pretty bad.

But even with this on my mind today as my oldest was eating on his lunch outside (it was so nice) I looked around and saw all that the Lord has made and all that he has done. I know he won't leave me or his followers. I will stay true to him till the end.

I do not support Obama, I will pray that he finds salvation just as I pray all sinners find salvation. And I hope that the Christians who voted for Obama have a clear mind and that they can stand before the Lord with a clean heart.

Love and prays
May God Bless you and keep you and your family.

Julie said...

I agree. Abortion is murder, plain and simple. The baby is innocent and did nothing wrong. I personally don't believe you can be a Christian and believe abortion is a woman's right. Jesus said if we believe in Him we have to follow Him. Period.
As for how this election changed me. Well, this time around Dh and I did something I NEVER dreamed we would do. We voted third party. Don't worry our county went strong for McCain. Our state however did not. *sigh*.
We did not agree with President Elect Obama's views on anything.
We also did not agree (after much searching the scriptures and lots and lots of prayer!) with a woman VP.
Many of the Christians I know who voted for President Elect Obama were young in the faith. Their number one reason for voting for him? Because they deserved a bigger piece of the pie and he was offering it. SICK!

theresa said...

Excellent post and interesting comments. :o) I've linked to you in my next "What She Said..." post going up later today. :o)

Civilla said...

I always vote based on that "one issue" -- abortion. It is murder. It is serious.

I know some immature Christians who voted for Obama. I couldn't believe they did that. I believe that those people just don't think.

I also think that when so many people, plus immature Christians, say "I don't know why I voted for Obama -- I just want change", and they are so vague like that, they are somehow attuned to evil spirits which are stalking our land. Yes, I believe in evil spirits. What other explanation can you give for just vaguely wanting change, but not really knowing what you want?