Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lil' Sisters

So sweet....

They have a big ol' bunkbed from IKEA - the kind with a double bed on bottom and a twin on top. They usually start off sleeping in seperate beds (okay, they usually start off playing for an hour.....whatever....), but they always end up like this.

I walked in on them earlier that same night, to tell them it was time to quiet down and get some rest, when I realized Tali had her jammies unzipped to her belly-button.

"Get dressed" I said, in exasperation.

She quickly said, "No Momma, we have to feed our babies momma's milk, see!" as she grabbed her "baby" (which I think was a stuffed monkey).

I then realized Selah, whose back was to me, had her jammy-shirt hiked up in the front, also nursing her "baby" (a Care Bear maybe).

Oh... well.... then yes, go ahead, feed your babies, all means.


Sarah said...

How precious! Your girls are too cute. I see Tali is a thumb baby. I was, too. I loved my thumb. It brought me such comfort... and three years of braces. Still, my thumb was a beloved part of my childhood. I really want to learn how to crochet. I know it is ideal to learn from someone who knows how to crochet, but I don't know anyone. Do you have any recommendations on books or videos?

*Michigan Momma* said...

I know, I know.....I am struggling with the whole "thumb" thing. She is 3 and shows no desire to stop on her own. If you ask her if she is going to suck her thumb anymore, she will say "No", 'cause she knows it's something that "babies" do - she doesn't want to be a baby. She *really* wants to be a big girl.

Yet it is SUCH a habit for her. I have tried to find a "cover" for her thumb - I've heard of them referred to as a "mouse". It's basically a furry piece of fabric and it is somehow attached around the thumb and hand, so the child would get a big ol' mouth full of fur if they tried to suck their thumb. Thus far, no luck finding something like that. I'm thinking about trying my hand at making something like this of my own.

Hey, necessity really *is* the mother of invention, eh??

Crocheting? I learned from my mom as a young girl - then dropped it for YEARS - then picked it up again once I had kids. I bought a book at, maybe, Wal-Mart - called 10-20-30 min. to Learn Crochet (or something similar - they have different ones for different hand skills, i.e. crochet, knitting, etc.).

It was definitely helpful, especially to review all the basic stiches, plus learn all the abbreviations. That's really all you need to know to crochet. How to perform each stitch (there's really not that many basic ones - you can learn the fancy ones later) and how to read a pattern. Then it's just practice so you can get used to what things are supposed to look like (i.e. how each row repeats, how to identify certain stitches, front & back, etc.). I honestly think anyone can learn fine from a book. A lot of times, people have their own "habits" which can actually *hinder* a beginner trying to learn.

Ok, gees, I typed enough.....

Later, my friend~

Anonymous said...

I used to end up in my sister's bed too. I never liked sleeping alone! When my older sister got sick of it, my little sister started sleeping in my bed. LOL

Sarah: Here are a couple links that have videos to teach you crochet: (look on the right of the page for links to stitches)

Hope that helps!! :)