Friday, January 16, 2009

Sleep Sack

Or Baby Bag or whatever it is these things are called...

Basically, I saw this really adorable knit "sleep sack" on a precious newborn online. I wanted a crocheted version, so I began searching online for a free pattern (there's usually LOTS out there). After a while, I just began looking for ANY crocheted pattern for this item - but could only find ONE (the $10 one).

In my searching, I've seen them basically described as a way to keep a baby warm, without fear of the blankie coming up over a newborns head - plus they can't really kick the bag off. The bag only comes up to the baby's underarms - so the arms are free. Also, usually the bag opens at the bottom, either with a drawstring or a zipper or some such. That way, the parent can change the baby's diaper by pulling the sleep sack UP, keeping the baby covered and warm, then simply pull it back down. (I didn't really want this feature, I like to have all clothing FAR AWAY from the offending bottom while changing a poopy diaper, so mine do not open at the bottom).

Anyways, I never did find one that I liked - so I decided, hey, how hard can this be??

Well, in this process I've learned that crochet design can be VERY difficult and time consuming and frustrating............yet in the end, very rewarding. I spent one night, two plus hours I'm guessing, only to realize an error in my basic design (not to mention it was way too big, as my loving dh pointed out) - so I had to rip out all my hard work. It was frustrating, yet now I knew what NOT to do, and had a new idea for how to fix it!

So anyway, here are my first two COMPLETED "Sleep Sacks" (or baby bags, as my kids call 'em). They are by no means perfect - I can see every flaw in the design that I still need to figure out and perfect - but these are good, and usable.

Now I just need to get my hands on a newborn to see about sizing. I just guessed with these two so I could be WAY off. There's a baby coming tonight - let's see, a few months old - can't wait to get my hands on her.....*see ya tonight, Joann* ;)


Anonymous said...

I think they are beautiful....and come on don't you love that they aren't pink or blue????


Holly said...

Very, very cute, Lori. :) I have another friend that made some knitted ones for her new little babe, too. I saw SouleMama's too...I just think it is a wonderful idea and you did a great job coming up with a new pattern!

If you cloth diaper, you can actually make these in wool and lanolize them...and that serves as the diaper cover as well. I was surprised, myself, at how well the little wool diaper cover I made for my last little one worked. So strange, but so neat how the Lord made sheep's wool to be so versatile. :) (And they always smelled like lavender, and repelled the wet, no matter what!)

Anyway - great job! :)

*Michigan Momma* said...

Thanks ladies!

I did try this on the 3 month old little girl at our house tonight. She just *barely* fit length-wise in the bag, yet the top width was great. Her mom told me she is a very L O N G baby, yet I would still consider this first pattern a "newborn" size - maybe 0-3 months. I am going to try another one, a longer one just a bit wider, and try it on our friend's 6-month old baby. They are really easy to whip up, just a few hours of time, really.

Thanks for the tips, Holly. I know I should give cloth diapering another try......but.....*sigh* I just didn't enjoy it, like I hear so many other mommas say. It was yucky and messy and expensive and I couldn't figure out if I was washing things correctly, drying what I wasn't supposed to dry, leaking everywhere, changing the baby CONSTANLTY.....*big ol' sigh*

Maybe someday (but right now, I doubt it...isn't that awful?)

Morgan said...

Yey!!! Those look great!

I like your tip Holly- Would you just use a Snappi on the diaper under the sack?

I SOOOO wish I could crochet and make one of those. Maybe I could talk my mother-in-law into making one of these if/when we have another baby.

Anonymous said...

GREAT job, Lori!!! They look very comfy for a baby!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! I just bought some sleep sacks from Hannah Anderson. It zips up, and sleeveless. So just imagine your sleep bags w/a an attached tank. (but all in one lol, I'm not describing it correctly).

I don't sew at all. I never could!