Saturday, February 28, 2009

"all that drips" ~ an update


Today is Saturday (well, late Saturday, but still Saturday).  We are always busy during the weekends, but today wasn't too bad.  We managed to make an errand run out to the local health store (yes, Honeycomb).  I picked up the following:

Essential oils
Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar
Honey (local)

I'm going to start the ACV/honey combo tomorrow.  I'm trying the essential oil on the temples at bedtime tonight!!  (lemon & eucalyptus, right Holly?)  

The other health-type things I am doing at the moment:

*also take Acidophilus Blast from ~ a probiotic that I'm hoping will head off candida/thrush problems that I experienced so horribly while nursing Elijah (for like 11 months STRAIGHT!  It was awful!)

I try to get some basic yogurt in each day too, to help with the yeast issue.  

Other than those things, plus making a lot of our own bread and cooking from scratch when feasible (and realistic.....I *do* have many small children ;)), I really just need to work on portion-sizes.  Yes, we probably hit the fast food places too much (especially on busy weekends), but overall, I would say our diet has improved *so* much over the almost-10-years Dean & I have been married.  Having 5 babies, in 7 1/2 years, will push you to search out some answers in this area!!

I am getting very excited about the birth of this little one.  I am on the mend in regards to this sinus stuff (PTL!), so I am not so pathetic and whiny about how I feel.  I actually feel pretty good for this far along!  My dh got the cradle out of the garage today ~ now I just need to figure out the best "mattress" solution, seeing as how it's not your average size cradle.  You can't just pick up a mattress at Wal-Mart.  We'll see.....  (I just did a search online and found you *can* order just the size mattress we need for this cradle....GREAT!!  Just one more thing on my to-do list *wink*)

I also picked up some more storage bins today for some of my big kid clothes.  I had bins up to size 6/7 for each sex - but now my older ones are getting beyond that size (how did *that* happen??).  Plus I am ready to put away the winter gear (come on SPRING!!) - all I had was a cardboard box that was falling apart.  Now I have a HUGE ol' storage bin ~ Hurray!!

Lastly, I picked up some camis for my almost-6 year old daughter (her birthday is on Wednesday ~ I can't believe it!!).  She jumped up 2 sizes recently and really needs these little undershirts to help smooth out the "bumps" (does that make sense?).   She isn't sprouting "buds" quite yet (oh, I am *so* not ready for that?!), but still....she needs *something*.  Anyone else have a young daughter who needs/needed these type of undershirts??  I told her they were what little girls wore BEFORE they got training bras (something she is *very* excited about, btw), so she is excited about wearing them.  Goodness..... ;)

Well, I'll be MIA for the next few days, what with our quite busy Sundays (so NOT our restful Sabbath), plus one last pre-baby trip to IKEA (thank you Leanne ~ who is watching ALL FOUR of our children, God Bless you!!).  I'll try to check back in on Tuesday and see how everyone is doing.  Have a terrific weekend~

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