Sunday, March 8, 2009

after 10pm

I can't help it ~ I'm so excited!!

Time to *finally* go pack the hospital bag.  I gotta leave in 7 hours, so I should probably get on that, eh?

Dean has a laptop, so hopefully I'll be updating at some point tomorrow.

Girl??  Boy??
What's your guess??


Tereza said...

You know it really sucks to follow someones journey on a blog and when you realy want to you can't go see them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So how come I can't come visit you in the hospital!!!?? Waaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

I think you are having a BOY!!
7hrs...sooooo exiting!!!! In 7 hours you have a brand new child!!!!!

Anonymous said...

yeahhhhh!!!! today's the day!! I'm so excited for you!

I can't hazard a guess you never did post any preggo pics!!!!

Dad said...


Cann't wait to see my new grandchild. Will see you in a couple of weeks. Take very good care of yourself and let your dh know how very special you are.

Love you,


Anonymous said...

By now you've all ready met your new little lamb! Please post as soon as you can! I echo the first poster - wish I could bring you all a nice hot meal and meet the baby ( and you too!)