Monday, March 23, 2009

the anti-yeast diet

I am officially on the anti-yeast program.  At least, *my* version of one.

A good friend sent me to this site:  The Yeast Connection.  I spent a good portion last night reading and reading and searching out more information - anything I could find, actually.  I went to discussion boards too.  After all of that, this is my new plan.

Today I began my new "diet".  It's not a typical "lose weight" type of diet - instead it is very restricting in regards to sugars & carbs.  The goal is to stop feeding the overgrowth of yeast I believe is in my body.  I have to do this for 2-4 weeks.  If you are intested in what this entails, the basic diet can be found at the Yeast Connection site.  I'm basically just reading off their grocery list and seeing what I have in the house.  We have so much food already in the house, it's silly to go buy more food - so I'm just making due with what we have. diet is not as precise as the web site's, but I'm working on it.

My supplements:
*Acidophilus Blast (to add in good probiotics to my body)
*Yeast Assassin Lite (to kill the exsisting yeast - I ordered this today)
*Supermom (just an overall good multivitamin)

*Nystatin oral suspension (Micah and I are both using this, so we will both be treated and not reinfect one another)

Last night was AWFUL!  I don't know how best to describe it, but it is just PAINFUL to nurse.  You start off being itchy, but it progresses to dry, flaky skin - to a burning, painful sensation when the baby starts to nurse  - to NOW, a horribly painful sensation every single time the baby suckles, swallows, or just plain ol' moves the nipple in *any* way.  I can't have ANYTHING touch me there, or it is very painful.  I heard one momma describe it as feeling like glass shards on the nipple as the baby nurses.  Yes, glass, that's about right.......OUCH!!

Considering how much I love my sugars & carbs, this would *have* to be serious in order for me to give those things up - even for a short amount of time!!

Ok, well, I need to go have a salad and a hard-boiled egg.  I also need to go nurse the baby (*sob, sob*).......if anyone has any advice for me, feel free!!  I'll be back later and let you know how things are going~

p.s. today is also the first day with all five kiddos and NO more help.  I was a bit frantic when my dh left for work today.....but things have gone fine.  We still have plenty of food and leftovers, so I'm getting away easy in the food department.  We are also only doing one or two things a day in regards to homeschooling, so it's light in that department as well.  All in all, not bad.  I think I can do this, I think......  ;)


Anonymous said...

Do you have mastitis on top of the yeast infection? Are you feverish? Can you pump? !

Cool compreses. LOTS of water! Stay away from juice too! Unless you are actually using a juicer. So many juices on the market are high in sugar, even the 100% juice!

No sugar and carbs will be a good thing. When you get back, I bet you will not even like sugar anymore. It'll be too sweet.


Mary said...

Now I am way past the nursing stage of my life, but remember a doctor reccomending to me to put plain yogurt on the affected area, and to eat as much plain yogurt as I could. I sweetened it with an artificial sweetener. I was also told not to eat any fruit at all for a few months, and to totally stay off the carbs and sugar, not even carrots or sweet potatoes or stuff like that. It was also reccomended to get as much air and sunlight to the area as possible. So sit by an open window and let it all hang out for as long as you can.
I had a yeast problem when my daughter was born, but never as severe as yours. Ouch! I cringed just reading about it.

*Michigan Momma* said...

Thanks ladies!

It's really hard to do the no-carbs/no-sugar things. We use lots of pasta, rice & potatoes to S T R E T C H meals out around here, so it is a part of almost every meal! Also, eating lots of meat & veggies is more expensive than we're used to as well. I'm sure I'll get used to it (a bit, anyways), but right now, it's very difficult....

I just read about exposing the nipples to sunlight - makes sense, as thrush is a fungal infection that likes dark, damp places. I've got two kids napping, two kids outside playing and one little baby laying on my bed - I may just try to situate myself in some sunlight for a bit. We'll see.....having any time to "let it all hang out" doesn't happen a lot around here, ya know?!

And no, it's definitely not mastitis. I'm certain it's just thrush, and a bad case at that!

Ok, knocking at the door - later...

Anonymous said...

Oh, and if it's not conducive to be "bare". Just not wear a bra, and wear a thin white t-shirt (that will help too!). Which I know is hard when you are nursing.

And put some coconut oil on your nipples. That'll help w/the dryness and chafing, and the infection believe it or not! the better the coconut oil, the better!

Look for meats sale, and stock up! I seem to get the store, and they are having specials. My fave is split chick breasts buy one get one free! So I buy like 6 packs for the price of 3, and freeze them all!


Morgan said...

I was thinking of you the other day while reading the Duggar's new book. In the book, Michelle shares what she does for yeast problems while breastfeeding (on pg. 84 of the book 20 And Counting.

One of the things she mentions is that she uses Gentian Violet and applies it with a Q-tip to her skin and to the baby's mouth, then gently rinses it off herself and blots it dry.

I don't know if that would help you or not, but I thought I'd pass it along since you came to mind as I read that. : )