Wednesday, April 8, 2009

too calm

Just so you know, the reason I haven't been around here too often lately is - apparently - our life right now is too calm.  We simply don't have enough going on.  Our life is boring and needs......something.

Apparently, it is time to buy a house!

(Isn't there some kind of "list"?  A list of the top most stressful things you can go through?  I think we've got that list down pat!  In fact, we like to combine stressful experiences - just for fun!)

So anyway, that's what I've been doing.  Looking at real estate sites, searching out possible homes, determining what our needs vs. wants are, figuring out financial requirements, and lots of prayers for wisdom and discernment.  And we haven't even started actually looking at houses yet!

Luckily, we live in the church parsonage and have little hindrances on this end (don't have to sell another house, don't have to worry about a lease, etc.).  We also happen to be in a great buyers-market..........if this is the time the Lord has for us to buy a home, we could stand to get the most house for our money (which is great, since we don't have all that much money!!).

I'm trying (really trying) not to get too excited yet.  Buying a home, THIS home - at THIS time in our lives - is really exciting to me.  It's a home we will live in for years to come!  A place for the kids to really remember as "home".  A place we can settle into, put down some roots, feel as though, yes, this is OUR home.  

And no, I'm not a patient person - I'm working on it - and the Lord is working on me.  So I'll try to be patient and not rush all this.  We want to pray each step that we take, making sure we are looking to what God wants for us, and not just what we think WE want.  It's hard, at least for me it is....;)

So there ya go - in my "spare time" I'll be searching out a home for this crazy family of mine (including space for my folks a few years down the road).  We simply don't fit in your standard 3bedrm/2bath home, so who knows how long this will all take?!  At least I can rest in the knowledge that GOD has a plan for us - and He loves us!!

(Although I'm still impatient.........this process takes WAY too long...........)



Anonymous said...

Make sure you have a good down payment! Like 10% is good. And talk to a financial person in your church to actually find out what you can REALLY afford. The banks/mortgage companies were (possible are) selling homes to people they can NOT afford.

Jessica D. said...

Great time to buy a house. You will get a great deal on a house. Just remember don't go bigger just because it's cheeper. You still have to pay the heat bill and the taxes:) Good luck house hunting.

Jeni said...

That's so neat! I'm happy for you all! I'm sure you are excited! it is a fun process and you can really take your time to pray and find just the right place! You'll know it when you see it if it's where God wants you!! have fun!

Anneatheart said...

House buying and selling is probably THE most stressful thing- especially if it's an older home. All kinds of hoops to jump through- inspectors, surveyors, appraisals...

But, with God's help, it can go together very smoothly. I know how you feel though- once you get to looking at a new place, you become impatient with the house you already live in, and are anxious to pack up and GO.

Just remember not to attach yourself to anything right off the bat- then maybe you won't be disappointed if it doesn't work out.

Morgan said...

How great that you didn't have a house to sell first! That part is no fun!

We are very much looking forward to having extra space. Even with just the 4 kids we have, I can imagine we would be feeling quite cramped during the teenager years- plus, we only have one bathroom upstairs. We're excited to have 2 on one floor now!