Saturday, May 9, 2009

*Enjoying* all this cooking???

Ok, I have always considered myself a fairly good cook (at least, since I became a mom).  Decent, at least, although my dh is MUCH better at the "a little of this, a little of that" type of cooking.

Anyways, recently we have been eating out quite a bit.  I didn't really *see* that it was a lot, but it was.  Honestly, a few dinners a week, a few breakfasts, a few lunches......all spread out, it just didn't seem like that much.

But it was.  And it was expensive!

I thought I somehow "deserved" to eat out.  I mean, here I am, momma to many small children.  People tell me day in and day out how hard my days must be, how tired I must be.  I think I started to believe them.

Oh, not that my days aren't long or hard - they can be - but I was starting to drop into the self-pity mode.  Having many children, all so young, *can* be difficult, *can* lead to tiring days.  Yet it can also bring amazing joy!

ANYWAY, the deal is, we are buying a home.  This requires things like earnest money, inspection fees, closing costs, moving truck, yada, yada, yada.....  So while we're prepared for the cost of daily and monthly living, all this "extra" stuff has us stretched a bit thin.  Thin enough to squeeze out all that "eating out".

I thought it was going to be really difficult, adding even *more* to my days.  Yet it didn't turn out that way.  What happened is this:

I HAVE to plan my days.  I HAVE to figure out what we're eating and when.  What frozen foods do I need to thaw?  What baked goods to have to get baked?  If the kids need a snack after evening church, what do I have to prepare ahead of time?  Running out to the local McD's isn't an option, so what is my plan??

Yes, this keeps me in the kitchen a bit more, it keeps me HOME a bit more - which is a *great* thing!  It has lead to more time with my kiddos, more time as a family - even a family walk the other night.  And my confidence as a cook, a homemaker, has also increased.  I feel such accomplishment in taking good care of my family in this way.

Anyway, just wanted to share ~ it's been an interesting few weeks recently.  Our home is in complete chaos (at least it feels that way), as we slowly go through the house, finding and pricing items for our moving sale.  We've even begun packing a few boxes for the big move!  I keep thinking of all these things to blog about, especially many of the recipes I've been using lately.......someday I'll get back into the regular blogging mode.....someday.....;)


Anonymous said...

Awwwwww! none of my babies have EVER tasted a fast food french fry or meal! And I'm proud to say that. And we can afford to eat out, if we so choose. But my hubby and I decided a LONG time ago, that we are going to eat healthy, no fast food, no fried food etc. We are temple in which God resides in us.

Anyways, mommy's fries and burgers taste better! Homemade BAKED french or steak fries taste so much better, and you can control the FAT and SALT that goes into your foods.

So the money you waste on fast food, you can buy all organic food, fruit and veggies. Your body and your health will thank you.

I have 6 babies and we are DONE. Our youngest is 2 months, and the oldest is 7. Yep, 6 under 7,so it CAN be done. Just look at the Gosselin's. I personally like them better than the Duggar's. (Duggar's seems REALLY fake to me) Last week we ate brunch at a local hotel. It was awesome. hubby is making dinner tonite. i love a man who knows how to cook, and cook nutritious foods!

Be encouraged, you don't have to eat fast food because you have lots of little ones. Think of the money you will save!

Happy Mother's day!!


*Michigan Momma* said...

Nice to "meet" ya!!

Wow - never had fast food, eh? Amazing! Yet life without McD's french fries??? I agree, we were doing it too much and life has been better cutting back on such outings........yet those french fries.......yumm-o!!

God bless you with 6 - 7 & under! I have the 5 - 7 & under - and it is a blessing, yet it can definitely be a challenge! If you have a blog, I'd love to visit it!

Thanks for the comments - and the encouragement. I am still working on little changes, here and there, in the way we eat and our overall health. Old habits die hard, they say.... Yet all is possible with the LORD~

Anonymous said...

Awww thanks!

One thing I've noticed, is when you start eating healthier, you will feel better, you will have energy, and you won't feel so sluggish etc.

And, those extra pounds will just melt away. So start making big salads for dinner. Add some GRILLED chicken to it. But watch what kind of dressing you use. Drink more water, cut out the pop, and any sugary sweets, and drinks.

Anyways, I don't blog, I have NO time to do that. So I just visit other people's blogs.