Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pants or skirts?


Every once in a while, I get a pants-fancy.  It's when I get it in my head that I'd like to own a few pairs of pants - maybe some capris - oh, just for the heck of it.  I'm not all "legalistic" about girls wearing skirts/dresses, yet that's what I like, so that's what the gals in this family wear most of the time.

Anyways, I've been trying out a few pairs of capris recently, just at Wal-Mart and Meijer....and I am quite disappointed.  Well, not really all that disappointed, rather just reaffirmed in my skirt-wearing chosen-style.  I'm a skirt kind of gal, I guess.

It's what I like.  It's what I'm comfortable in.  And after five babies, my body (even though it is the same WEIGHT as when I got married) is no longer in the same SHAPE as it used to be.  I am no longer able to wear pants comfortably.....at least not right now.  Maybe if I were to put a bit of effort into it (i.e. EXERCISE  *shudder*), that would change, but for now, I'd like to be comfortable and stylish and pretty.  So skirts it is (rather than dresses due to nursing right now).

Soooooooooooo.........while Dean & I were ransacking the house, looking for more "stuff" to sell at our Moving Sale, I actually went through my fabric and sold some of it.  What I have left is stuff I would actually use!  I also found a basic skirt pattern.........so I'm gonna put the two together and whip up some skirts.  I'll have to tweak the pattern, see what length I like best, etc., but I hope to have some new skirts for spring/summer here real soon.  YEAH!!

So if you notice that we are a mostly girls-wearing-skirts kind of family, don't be all intimidated or judgemental or whatever.  I just like skirts.  I just like feeling girly - even though I've been a tom-boy (and still am somewhat) most of my life!  Weird, eh?

Here's hoping this pattern is SUPER-SIMPLE~
Pictures to follow (hopefully)


Morgan said...

I like dresses and skirts, but it's hard finding ones that fit me. I have been seriously toying with the idea of making my own. However, I have a hard time reading patterns, let alone following them. So we'll see.

I understand what you're saying about being the same weight yet a different shape!!!

Anneatheart said...

I go through the same thing- and alternate between the two. Right now I wear a lot of dresses because it's easy to find non-maternity ones that still fit because they are stretchy or whatever. I am nowhere near the same weight I was when I got married, and my shape is way different, so dresses work well to hide things. My girls pick dresses over pants to wear, so we'll go with that.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm not legalistic about no pants. I wear my dresses in the Summer, so many cute dresses out! I've always been petite and tiny, so it's easy for me to remain the size I was at when I married. And my dh has appreciated that!

My girls do wear more dresses in the Summer as well. Ugh... this year I had to buy capris and bermuda shorts for them. All the shorts I looked at looked REALLLY short. I don't mind the little ones in the short shorts, but once you get to 7 and 8 y/o they are too short!

I don't sew, so we go to Old Navy and Target for their clothes. Luckily I can go anywhere for mine. I try and get some coupons. I've been getting a lot of coupons lately for NY&C. I want to go there soon!



Julie said...

Oh me too! Me too! We love skirts and dresses around here. I do have one pair of jeans and my girls have some long shorts. But my middle girl hid her shorts the other day because all she wanted to wear was skirts. LOL
We are not legalistic either it's just something we girls enjoy!