Saturday, June 27, 2009

Country Livin'

A pic of my hubby & I taken some time during all the hubba-balloo ~ we're so cute!

Okay, okay, I *know* we are really 'city folk' just pretending out here, but it's fun nonetheless~

Isaac & Clayton in our new guest room

Some updates:
I had 2 tests this week - an ultrasound of my abdomen & a barium (sp?) x-ray (where you drink the gross stuff, it expands your stomach and they scan you). I'll find out more next week.

I have an appointment set up for the carpel tunnel test (EMG?). I've had some people tell me it was 'less than pleasant'.....great....I will get the results back from that and then take them to the hand surgeon. He will be doing surgery on my ganglion cyst thingy, and possibly the carpel tunnel surgery as well. We'll see....

Isaac *is* allergic to the sun. His tonsils were all swollen (indicative of allergies), plus some of the rash was still evident. He now has to take Zyrtec (sp?) once a day, plus wear sunscreen whenever he is outside. Luckily, he is my neurotic child (God knew, eh?) and he is ADAMENT about not going outside until I have sprayed him down with sunscreen (his own personal bottle, that kinda looks like bugspray going on: a clear mist that you don't really have to rub in. It's 85 spf, Banana Boat Ultra Defense Continuous Spray - AWESOME stuff!!). So far, so good (okay, it's only day one, but still: so far, so good!).

Micah Dean in his swing ~ a huge help during the move!

As to the plumbing issues: I do believe we have the main leak fixed. The plumber (goodness, you plumbers make A LOT of money!!!!) is not covered by home owner's insurance - basically the CAUSE of the problem is not covered. The RESULTING DAMAGE is covered (i.e. drywall, flooring, painting, etc.) but our deductable is fairly average and it would simply be financially advantageous for us to do most of the work ourselves (the stuff we can't do, we are calling in the professionals). So we are out the LARGE SUM of money to the plumber (did I mention plumbers are well paid?? just checking), plus the cost of the drywall repair (professional), plus the cost of supplies for us to RE-DO my new laundry room flooring (only about 1/4 of the room, PTL!), the texture paint for the ceilings, new access panels for some of these holes, oh....all that jazz.

We noticed another leak, from the hall bath, that leaked on the basement floor. We have tried to check it out, but can't really see where the problem is EXACTLY. We're gonna have another guy check it out and see (looks like a MUCH easier fix, since the basement isn't finished yet). AND I just found a bit of water under the sink......I'm *tired* of water.....

Hey, it's home ownership, eh? At least we are getting all these plumbing issues dealt with now BEFORE the work on the basement begins. That work begins in a month or two and I am so excited for my parents!!

the girls calming Micah down in front of our broken dishwasher (cracked motor) ~ we have since replaced it, with an awesome stainless steel tub newer model: love it!!

Speaking of my parents, they are finally headed back home tomorrow (Sunday). My dad seems to be much better, although he still tires easily. He was mowing, raking, helping Dean put together a swingset, helping to clean out the garage and burning lots of paper/boxes/etc. I can't believe he is doing so much after this whole blood loss ordeal!?! Praise the Lord! It has been *wonderful* having them here, as my mom will often sit with the baby, or helping me with the other lil' ones, allowing me time to get house stuff done! Yeah~

Ok, well, it's time for me to go get the camera out and snap some pics. I've just been so busy, I didn't take the time to get very many pics of this whole process. I'm just gonna start I'll share soon. Here's a few from my friend Janet, who came up with her hubby and grandson, for the big move: (all the pics in this particular blog post are from her)

pretty girls

look at all those kiddos ~ our friends came to help out ~ we all have a bunch of kids!

Elijah, lovin' the BIG TRUCK!


Kenni B said...

Sometimes it's hard to find the blessing in the midst of all the plumbing issues, but I agree with you, this all would have been much worse after the basement was finished.

And speaking of blessings....friends willing to help MOVE!

Janet said...

RE: the pix of the girls and Micah. I was amazed all weekend at how, at different times, each of the children would come up to Micah and love on him. That is what the girls are doing in this picture, just lovin' the baby. How precious, and just shows what wonderful parents you 2 are!!! Thankful your Dad is doing much better. PTL!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I didn't think the plumbing issues were covered by insurance. damage yes, but not pre-damage. that would have been news to me!

Micah is getting so big!!!!!

I love my w&d... front loaders, and I have a steam cycle! So nice when you need something steamed!


Anonymous said...

Green acres is the place to be..... You know you love me! I agree with Kenni, friends helping you move is the greatest thing! Especially when one of those friends absolutely hates sweating! :) So happy for you guys! Love you!