Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Keep on keeping on...

Goodness, when it rains, it pours, eh??

I've been having some pain issues: turns out my gall bladder needs to come out PLUS I have a ulcer that needs to be treated. Once I get those taken care of, my pain level should return back to normal - hurray!

My cyst isn't really bothering me lately, but I'm still going to get the carpel tunnel testing done and see the hand surgeon.

My son is officially allergic to the sun ~ yet it is not considered severe. He is now taking otc allergy meds, plus he wears a strong sun block whenever he heads outdoors. Hopefully that will cover the current condition. Actually, we are hoping this allergy will fade away, as many kid-allergies tend to ebb & flow as their little bodies change and grow.

Today is rainy and cool (in the 60's - lovin' it) and I have cleaned the boys' room. Yup, that's about it - but man! it was trashed!! I'm gonna head upstairs and organize the girls' room here in a sec. Then maybe tomorrow I can start hanging up pictures and shelves and hooks and things. I also need to organize my master closet ~ my dh tells me I am the only woman he knows who finally gets a walk-in closet and I'm not even using it for clothes! Nope, this will be my homeschool closet/hobby closet/personal storage closet. I just need to get it organized....:)

Life is good, it's just a lil' crazy right now. I'm hoping it'll settle down after all this crazy doctor stuff is taken care of. Oh wait, I hear a battle brewing between two siblings.....forget it. I don't think things will EVER calm down around here. I think I just need to learn how to embrace the chaos.......*snort*

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jesnicole said...

Hope everything goes well with your surgery, and that the pain is not too bad! :)