Friday, June 19, 2009

see ya next week~

It's finally happening!

We will be off line here for a lil' bit. Actually, we have some sort of new-fangled wireless internet at our new place (in lieu of dial up or cable internet). We might be able to set up right away, but I'm guessing we'll need some sort of password at the very least in order to get started. So I'm guessing next week.

We are actually VERY ready for the move - we've moved quite a lot of stuff over already. A truckload here, a van-load there, we even had a friend come over with a trailer and was able to take 2 loads of garage stuff (riding lawn mower & huge ol' swingset included!). Cory, you rock!!

So we're almost there. Speaking of which, my W&D arrived at the new place today! The flooring was *almost* done, the mud was *almost* dry and ready to be repainted - so I *almost* have my long-dreamed of Family Laundry Room! How exciting!!

Ok, gotta do a load or two more of laundry to try and keep up - even during the move! This job never stops, does it?!?



Tereza said...

all the best...lookinmg forward to hearing from you again with updates!

Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

I can't wait to hear how the move went and how the family is enjoying their new home! Hope it all went well and that you're all getting settled in!