Tuesday, July 7, 2009

a country morning

a normal sight in our backyard ~ chickens from next door

Ok, now you *know* that's not true, 'cause *real* country people get up at the crack of dawn and such....that is *SO* not happening around here. Even Elijah slept in until after 9am (my children have definitely been sleeping more since we moved)!

Anyways, once we were up and around, Daddy left for work and we started our day. Kids up, dressed, diapered, teeth brushed, etc. Since everyone was working so well together, and I was in a such a good mood, we decided on PANCAKES for a late breakfast (we just call it brunch around here and no one feels guilty ;)

Not only that, I grabbed the last bit of chocolate chips and made a few CHOCOLATE CHIP PANCAKES! Really ~ I *so* get the Super-Momma award today!!

Here Isaac is working on cutting his own pancakes. Selah already wanted to do this on her own, but Isaac was more than willing to let us do this indefinitely......uh-uh......since he *loves* pancakes, it is the perfect motivation!

here is my favorite white hen, running for her life, as I try to snap her picture

So much fun ~ more pics later~

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