Tuesday, July 28, 2009

recovering & celebrating

That's what I'm doing.

Today was my MARVELOUS dh's 36th birthday, so I didn't relax as much as I probably could have.

I made these AMAZING French Breakfasts Puffs. Seriously - go there NOW! Try them tomorrow morning. They were terrific! My kiddos ate 'em up. My muffins have always been, um, so-so. Kind of hit-or-miss. But these were terrific - I followed her recipe exactly (including the praying & fainting - ha!).

I got this recipe from a new site (a new site to me, anyways): The Pioneer Woman

~Love it~

I have been drooling over many of her recipes and am enjoying her photography as well. I like her style! Check it out if you have a minute~

We made up a batch of these this morning, plus homemade pizza for my hubby's birthday dinner. I made up the "Hole Cake" for his birthday (it's a cake made in a bunt pan - it's kinda a tradition around here now - "hey, there's a hole in this cake"). With all that, plus nursing, diaper changes, toy pick-ups and breaking up disagreements - that just about filled my day. The rest was trying to rest and read a bit more of my new books.

It has been a great day! I am so blessed by this man God has graciously put in my life. He is a wonderful leader & provider, yet tender and kind and loving too (yes, they *can* go together). He puts up with my quirks, doesn't put up with my attitudes, and loves me through it all! I am so blessed to have this man be the father of my children - I know they are watching his every move and I can relax knowing they have a great example of a godly man in their father!

So luv ya, hon (you are snoring behind me ~ poor tired baby, you work hard) -

Happy Birthday and thank the Lord God
He gave you the grace to put up with me! ;~)

p.s. more on the surgery and procedures and hospital to come....right now my lil' one wants to nurse and ever since I was away from him and couldn't nurse him, I am MORE than willing to nurse him whenever and as much as he desires. Sweet cheeked baby~


Dean B. said...

Thanks Honey! After Elijah stuck his fingers in the cake, and after I was calling his name, I came around the kitchen counter and saw him 'hiding' with his fingers one inch from his mouth. It was just the cutest thing. Broke my heart to have to put him into bed without any cake.

There's plenty left to give him today though.

*Michigan Momma* said...

He *begged* for some salad today, so I just gave him a big ol' salad plate for lunch. Now I have to go feed my non-salad eaters.....

Luv ya, babe~

jesnicole said...

Glad you're doing well. :)

*Michigan Momma* said...

Thanks so much~

DannielleSB said...

Ok what kid doesn't stick their finger in the cake? I don't understand why he was punished for something so normal.