Tuesday, September 29, 2009

all those papers ~ AHHH!

Homeschool papers, Sunday School papers, coloring pages, memory verse papers, copywork papers, Co-op papers.......


Paper overload.  It drives me crazy.

I'll admit it - I throw my kids papers away *often*.  I could never display all the paper crafts my kids all make just from ONE Sunday morning at church, let alone Pioneer Club that night or Wednesday night church.  Come ON!!

Not to mention, I like things to look neat.  De-cluttered.  Nice.  This simply doesn't happen when I have 15 papers haphazardly stuck to my fridge (that *is* the fridge under there, right?!.  I can't stand opening said fridge and having 8 things immediately fall to the floor (which I have a hard enough time keeping clean as it is, for goodness sake!).

But guess what?  We have a new place to display our papers:


It's kind of out of the way - meaning it's not SMACK-DAB in the middle of my kitchen - yet it's the door to the garage, so Daddy will be able to see the kids' schoolwork each time he heads outside.  It's perfect!!

And guess what?  I've got another one upstairs, the door to the boys' room (which is above the garage).  So that door will become the "fun" papers door, while the above door will be used strictly for school work.  Excellent!

Now....I just need to pick up some more magnets....


Tess said...

Great Idea!!! You are very clever, but hey, I like the clutter on my fridge! But I'll admit to cleaning it up from time to time to make room for the latest, greatest creations!!


Jessica D. said...

Great idea, I'm not a paper keeper either, at least not for long. I also don't like stuff on my fridge :) Great thinking!

Amanda said...

I think it's time for a magnet making activity with the kiddos!:)