Tuesday, September 22, 2009

local nature center

I am really enjoying our local Great Lakes nature & natural beauty!  There are so many trails and nature centers and orchards.....we are just discovering so many opportunities for learning, it is wonderful!

Today, we headed on over to the Pine River Nature Center.  We were only there for a few hours, yet we managed to fit in a short hike, an ant craft, a snack, and exploring in the nature center (with lots of interactive displays and beautiful animals).  We already have plans to head back in a few weeks for their Fall Celebration - then again in December for their Paper Making Workshop.  For $2 per family, you just can't beat it~

So this was our schooling for the day (we'll probably fit some math in there as well, just 'cause they *love* to do math) - it was our Co-op day too!  Here's just a sampling of pictures from our day...

Tali trying to keep up with the kids ~ yet still dealing w/ some breathing/coughing issues....poor Tali....

Isaac & Tali as "Ants" ~ right by the new "treehouse"

Selah finding *treasures* along with way

Isaac was a bit nervous for this pic ~ it was a really big, kinda scary bear!


On the way back to the Nature Center after a mid-hike snack!

Anne & Selah making animal footprints in the Nature Center

A beautiful red leaf found by Tali ~ we were walking  s l o w l y  behind the group for a while (to help with her coughing) and she discovered all kinds of great nature items!

Also in the Nature Center, a place for the kids to inspect animal "skulls" and "furs" ~ very cool!
(not to mention a cutie-pa-tutie Hadassah along for the ride)

Can't wait for the next trip ~ a Fall Celebration ~ EXCELLENT!!

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Tess said...

They are all so cute as ants! It sounds like a great learning place and perfect for an hs outing! Heck, I would even have enjoyed it!