Monday, September 14, 2009

Manic Monday ~ a recap

Hello All~

It's Monday morning and we're rawrin' to go around here!  We've got a new "How am I Doing?" chart all printed out (Elijah has his first "X" already - sigh) and the kids are excited to realize we are continuing on with our schedule (if that tells you anything about how long schedules usually last around here......*ahem*).

We are also dealing with one sick lil' baby ~ he is all congested and has a yucky cough - yet it all comes and goes.  Sometimes, like right now, you would hardly know he's not feeling well.  Then all of a sudden, he will start whining and coughing these pathetic lil' coughs that just rip your heart out.  I do believe he's getting better though, as his diaper was mostly normal this morning.  I've found that babies diapers tend to reflect their health fairly well.  If their diapers are "totally disgusting", the sickness is probably just working it's way through their little bodies - I've actually found it encouraging when it begins to come out in their diapers!

This past weekend we were able to get outside and attack some trees in the yard.  We have a wooded area on our property that we haven't even touched yet - 'cause first, we would like to get the trees on our "yard" area looking nice.  Dean trimmed up the front tree, by the road, first.  It now looks great!  Then we both worked on a backyard tree - it was a mess!  We cleared out a bunch of undergrowth and trimmed up the lower branches.  There is still a small tree between the large tree and our neighbors fence that will need to come out - but we need a real workhorse of a chainsaw for that.  In time, in time...

So this past weekend, my hubby worked on two smaller trees, right by the front of the pond.  He chopped down many "volunteers", as my husband called all these "tree shoots" (as *I* called 'em).  There were also vines growing up these "volunteers" - from the pond up into the two trees.  Plus just weeds galore!  The kiddos and I pulled large branches over to our "drying out" area - where they go to dry out (duh) so we can use them for future fire wood/kindling.  You can't really tell in this picture (the lighting was bad, right before dusk - plus everything is starting to "die" so it's just not as green & pretty) but the trees look SO much better. I'm so proud of my dh and happy that we are slowly making our yard just the way we want it!!

Lastly, here are some of my kitchen decorations (have I shared these yet?).  I know it's not much - all I did was take some garage sale valances, which were WAY too big for my itty-bitty kitchen window - cut 'em up and make something that *did* work in my kitchen.  I love the coffee theme (as I sip my first cup today) and I love the colors!!  Just in case anyone is wondering, it's that dark red-ish color, with browns and tans.....yup, that's the color I want.  Dishcloths, towels, a couple floor rugs, some cloth napkins....I'm dreaming....;)

Ok, well, it's time to go check the upstairs.....gotta grab the "Smiley-Face" chart and go hold some little ones accountable!  Then it's school-time ~ and a second cup of coffee....

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Sarah said...

I love the curtains! I am a coffee lover, too, but I am unfortunately having to cut back on my caffeine consumption. I am not lovin' it at all! Hope Micah is feeling better soon!

Tess said...

Lori, I saw some kitchen towels and other kitchen stuff in this pattern at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Unfortunately, funds were too tight at the time to buy anything. But I thought you might like to know the curtains probably came from there too.

Virginia (Jenny) said...

I love the curtains too. That is the exact color in my kitchen. Tans, dark red, and black.