Sunday, September 6, 2009

People....I'm worried

Here's the good ol' HUSKEE riding lawn mower.  We bought it used oh, a few years ago (we had already moved to MI).  I like using it - it's fun! - at least, it makes mowing the lawn more fun.

Now, we recently moved (y'all knew that).  We now have about 5 acres, only part of which is "lawn" and to be mowed.  We mow about one a week, yet in reality, it's probably a bit less (we're just busy, I guess).

So, we've lived here less than 3 MONTHS and my sweet dh has flipped said lawn mower TWICE!!

Now, he begs to differ.  One of those times, *technically*, he simply drove it into a ditch, had to make a flying leap off of the mower (while somehow raising the blades so it would not become a death machine), and it didn't *quite* flip over - simply leaned over precariously...

This second time, he was attempting to mow around our huge, heavy WOODEN swing set.  His foot got stuck on the rope ladder, it pulled it off the brake, the mower went on ahead as he was grabbing onto the rope ladder and the steering wheel, with no way of getting his foot back on the brake nor of getting his hands to the gears.  All of this happened with the mower going directly into/under the swing set - so the whole mower flipped upside down once my dh gave up and let go (after he had frantically looked around for our middle boy, Elijah, so he wouldn't get hurt - although, once the mower flipped upside down, it died.....just so you case this happens to you).

*big ol' sigh*

I'm not sure the mower's gonna make it many more seasons....
I'm just hopin' it doesn't end up in the pond~

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