Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I don't get it?!?

Ok, well, we can never move south, that's for sure!!

Actually, we're *never moving again* - yet by the actions of my children, they will never be able to live in a southern climate, let me tell you!!

Give us a good, bright, warm, sunny kiddos are inside.  I ask 'em if they want to go play.  I try to bribe them outdoors (so I can have some quiet).  I DEMAND they go

Whines, moans, ah, please, Momma, it's *hot*, it's too bright, I'm all sweaty......ugh.

Yet today, in the 50's, very cloudy, it's been spittin' rain here & there, windy, plain ol' chilly......they LOVE IT!  They've been outdoors all afternoon.  I can't keep Tali's shoes on her bare feet.  I *made* them put on sweatshirts.  They've been chasing the next door neighbor's cat (I think) around the yard (feeding it, I might add...oh great) - trying to get a hold of the duck that's taken up our pond as his new home - and sticking their arms through the fence to pet the farm dogs next door (yes, I've told them not to do this....I've told them they might get one really seems to care).

Isaac is running up and down the driveway, with handfuls of leaves, letting them go - one by one - to watch them fly in the wind (did I mention it was really windy today?).

What is with my children??
I'm just wondering....;)

p.s.  it just started POURING down rain!  I ran to the back deck, looking for the kiddos, then yelled "Isaac, Selah, Talitha!!!"  They popped their little heads out from under the slide....all smiling!?!  I yelled, "GET IN HERE".  Okay, Momma.  Weird children...


Kenni B said...

Maybe it's that their parents (and uncle/extended family) don't do the heat either?

Anneatheart said...

Mine are the same way! Saturday they were crying because we forced them to go outside and play. The weather was awesome too- like in the 60s and breezy. Just boo hooing!! Yet, if it's cloudy and sprinkling, I have to practically drag or threaten them to come inside? Or it can be 99 degrees out and they'll go play. Generally 100% of the time they're without shoes too...