Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Remodel

Hello all,
I'm just sharing some pics of the basement remodel that we are currently going through.  Most of these pics are for my parents sake, to keep them informed of how things are going.  Eventually, once my father retires, we will all be living together (how cool is that?!), so we are getting things ready now.  We bought this house *specifically* due to it's large size and walk-out basement (about 1400 sq. feet down there) that could get finished for my folks.

I realize that multi-generational living isn't the norm in America, so it may seem a little weird, but actually, I am very excited.  My parents can be right here as my kids are growing up.  They'll have their own space, own kitchen, own's pretty cool actually.

And yes, we're getting some EXCELLENT insulation put in the ceiling.....sound barrier to the max!!  As I've said before, we're not exactly a *quiet* family.......ha!!  Enjoy and they will be more to come~

First, the drainage ditch & hose goes in...don't want water in the basement.

Next supplies start arriving.

Elijah was fascinated!

He's such a BOY!!

Next came the cement truck ~ Cool!

This was enough to bring out ALL the kiddos.
(even in dress up clothes!)

The patio for downstairs.
We will eventually build a nice deck for the main level as well.....
and get rid of the 'death trap' that is currently there!

Patio all finished ~ cute Elijah!

A nice big window for the new bedroom.

Ok, now the cement floor is being cut up.
That is the pump ejector - to get the waste water to the field outside!

New lines were run for heating/ac purposes.

Cold air returns.

Venting & gas lines for the future gas fireplace!

Outside vent for fireplace.

Water lines run for two bathroom tub, toilet, kitchen sink, dishwasher, washer & dryer, water, there's a lot to this!

Selah in front of the new tub & shower wall - they want to go downstairs each day to see the progress!

A new sub-panel just for the downstairs electrical.

There will be more pictures later - ESPECIALLY next week, when the drywall gets put up!  How exciting!!  Then it will really start to look like a home and not just a basement.


Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

Very cool! I look forward to watching the progress!

Janet said...

It's looking good, how exciting for everyone. Love you all!!

Michiganmommyx4 said...

It looks like you all are moving right along, and what a great house you have!
I honestly think that we in America should get back to multi-generational living, HONESTLY!
I loved having my mom live with me, and always ask her to move in with me. I love having her around and so do the kids. Plus MeMe just always has cool stuff she is making or thinking about.....When I finish school maybe and we get all our finances back to where they should be. I told my parents I would buy an Adult foster care or a compound and someday we could all live together...That would be so nice!