Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I know, just one more blog on your reader that isn't quite keeping up with her blogging.....

I'm gonna blame the weather.  Our Michigan winter this year has been *pathetic* thus far - just lots of gray, rainy days (with a few FREEZING, yet no snow days mixed in).  I'm beginning to feel the lack-of-sun blues.....ugh.

Sooooo, with this "blech" sort of feeling, I just don't feel very inspiring, nor interesting, nor funny or smart.  Yet I am still reading from those of you who are actually keeping up with your blogs (thank you, btw!).  One, in particular, has been helping me - slowly - through my homeschooling/housekeeping days.

Like Mother, Like Daughter  

There is something so very laid back about the blog.  It's a serenity that I desperately want for my life, yet am severely lacking in.  Oh, to have my days be simple, calm, productive, imaginative, creative.  One of her latest posts discussed "Order & Wonder" in the home.  Ahhhh.....order ~ yet also wonder!  To have the children be relaxed, yet stimulated.  Calm, yet productive.

Am I dreaming??
(don't answer that....I at least like to *dream* about peace & tranquility...)

Perhaps I am dreaming.  Yet for now, I will strive towards this goal.  So much of this rests on my shoulders.  Shoulders that for too long have felt weighed down and tired.  If I want this change in my household - it needs to first be changed in ME!  If you get time to read through Like Mother, Like Daughter , she has some simple, even obvious ways to make those needed changes.

Ok, too much yawning.  I need sleep.  Luv to all~


Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

I am on the same page with you, my dear. This weather is making me feel yuck and even ticking me off a little, quite frankly. LOL I too long for peace and tranquility in my home and it seems so very far out of reach. I won't give up on it though, because while I don't expect to reach perfection, I do expect and know that it can be better. Me keeping my house cleaner would certainly be a good start, so I will be getting on that today and I know that will make me feel better. You're a fantastic mom, and your husband and children are very blessed to have you, so even when things don't seem to go just the way you expect or had hoped, always remember just what a blessing you are to others and how blessed you are as well! ((HUGS))

*Michigan Momma* said...

You are so sweet, Danielle ~ thanks for those kind words. I needed 'em!!

God bless you & yours today, Danielle~

Leila said...

Thanks for linking! I am happy you find things helpful...slowly! is right. Things take time, don't they? After all these years I get in a panic with those articles that are like 100 ways to become an excellent homeschooler -- yikes!

I'm so gratified you "get" me!