Friday, March 5, 2010

Home Education Plans ~ AWESOME!!

*Switched-on-Schoolhouse - Grade 3*

Figuring out what curriculum I need to order for next year.....

Alpha Omega has a 20% off sale coming up, and if I miss that, then a 15% off sale after that.  I need to get in on *that* deal!!  
Isaac is going to a computer-based curriculum (5 core subjects), so I've also get to get him going on some keyboard skills.  Although I think we'll have him do some of his work - writing assignments - in longhand, actually *written* work.  I don't think it ALL needs to be done on the computer~

*Science - Grade 2*

Selah will have Science next year, in addition to her Math, Language Arts, cursive, etc.....

*Kindergarten - Math & Language Arts*

Tali will be starting on her first "official" curriculum ~ I'm keeping it all standard across the board for now.....just a basic K 2-subject curriculum - just enough to keep her happy (Kindergarten is all about learning to read & *loving* to read, in my opinion - but Tali wants WORK to do, like her siblings! So cute~)


And yes, even ME - the Alpha Omega queen - doesn't like everything they have.  I'm not a fan of their handwriting program.  For Tali, I'll just print off some free copywork pages (maybe I'll pick up an ABEKA tablet - makes it so easy), adjusting for skill as she gets better throughout the year.  For Selah & Isaac, I'm gonna stick with ABEKA cursive tablets (easy-peasy) & Writing w/ Phonics - but I'm also gonna keep them practicing their handwriting w/ some copywork too!


Maybe, with having things a bit more "organized" for me next year, I'll be able to take the kiddos to the library more often.  I'd love for them to start Nature GOOD books......but we'll never get to that kind of stuff unless I'm organized and consistent with the BASICS first.

Well....I'm excited!!  Can't wait to start ordering some of these items!  The big, packaged items we won't need until the fall....but writing, cursive, typing, lots of reading, those journals.....summer, here we come!!!

**now, if we could just get rid of all this SNOW**


Brooke said...

Hey, so does Isaac have the little computer yet or is that a birthday gift coming up? I was just thinking about those mini laptops have CD drives? Where do they put them? Phew....
See you later.

*Michigan Momma* said...

No, he doesn't have one yet - it's in the budget for later this year (and we'll get the latest technology that way, 'cause it changes so quickly!).

With that type of lap-book, there's no CD drive - we'll have to load it on the big computer, save it to our zip drive, then load it onto his computer that way.

They (AO) also have a new "Monarch" curriculum, which is like SOS, but instead of loading it onto your computer, it is all online. Our internet isn't fast enough for this option yet (plus, it's more expensive, I believe).

Isaac is really excited!! (so am I!!)

Later chica~