Thursday, April 29, 2010

Around the Homestead

last year's wasp nest high up in the top of a tree ~ now down here for us to inspect

a new, expanded fire pit all ready for a layer of drainage stone ~ then on to some yummy S'mores!

Hubby dug a trench for our sump pump hose ~ new hose to be purchased and buried soon.

I didn't get a "before" pic on this one - but try to imagine a very overgrown tree buried in vines & weeds.
Now you can actually *see* the tree trunk ~ and the kiddos can climb it!

Here's the above tree ~ see the piles of weeds/brush?  We are trying to take back more of the yard for the family to enjoy.

just beyond the pond - an old, fallen down tree, great for climbing!
The kids have broken a path through the cattails/pond weeds for easy access.

These three trees are WAY too close together.  The apple tree will be mostly brought down - except the lower parts for easy climbing.  The small, leaning tree on the right will come down as well.

Before & After
Here is a big project Dean worked on ~ this tree is in the front yard, close to the neighbor's fence.
You can't imagine the number of "volunteers" & vines we had to fight our way through!

A close-up beforehand of the volunteers & vines.

The same area "after" ~ even Isaac helped with the shears, cutting down smaller vines.
I love how much cleaner this looks~

We discovered these two trees (or what's left of them) that had grown together.  The tree on the right had not only intertwined with the other tree, but had also "twisted" as it grew up.  Very cool looking~

Just a quick's been beautiful this past week, with a few more gorgeous days to come (even warmer!).  I'm enjoying my mom's visit (and her help!).  The garden will be getting put in while she is here - so be expecting some pics of that soon.  

Tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, maybe some herbs in containers......

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Amanda said...

I love that feeling when you've cleared out all the brush and everything looks so tidy and clean! Great job!