Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Memorial Day Festival

late 1700's - early 1800's
Native Americans / French Explorers / British Traders / American Revolutionaries

Is this our third year?  I'm not sure, but each year we *have* to see the battle re-enactment.

Isaac loves this part!

Even if he has to hold his hands over his ears the whole time.

Seriously.  The whole time!

Here are some soldiers of the continental line (yes, I looked that up ;)

They all line up and the end and "charge" the audience ~ just for fun!

This year, the weather was AWESOME!
My brother-in-law said the water is so blue, it almost looks fake!
That's why they call it the Blue Water Area and it is gorgeous!

And of course, we wouldn't miss the opportunity to lock up our children!
(I'm sure he deserved it....probably)

A small, marching group ~ just randomly throughout the day.

Informative conversations with the historical hobbyists who participate during this weekend festival.

Celtic a parking lot?  Well, they were very good!
There's something I could get behind my girls doing ~ I'm probably too old to take lessons myself, eh?  

Lovely music to listen to as we walked around the park.

I got the kids Indian headbands, feathers & face painting.
Dean got them whistles.
Yes, whistle.  Four of them.  Four.
(I'm really glad they had fun!!)

Yes, they did have fun ~ no naps, but fun!
If you can see beyond the no-nap crankiness, he's really have a MARVELOUS time.  Really!

There's plenty I *didn't* get pics of, such as:
*a cool puppet show for the kiddos
*teenagers hawking root beer, bread loaves, drinks & scones
*historical medicine & surgery demonstration (with live leeches - ick!)
*working blacksmiths
*lots of arts, crafts, historical maps, home made foods, rag dolls, guns, knives, candle dipping....on & on...

And lots we didn't even get to see:
*contra dance lessons (? interesting)
*frying pan toss
*a colonial ball
*a Catholic Mass
*a candlelight tour of the camp

Each year, we look forward to this festival.  Someday I would love to participate - I'm not sure how to go about doing that, but it would be so educational and just plain cool!  We could plan for a whole year:  costumes, made-up characters, authentic items, hand-made crafts, lots of reading and research.  We've seen families with kids of all ages!

So anyways - there's a peek into our annual Feast trip!  We also got a chance to talk to the kiddos about what Memorial Day is all about, as we passed by the local memorial there at the park.  It's all too easy to forget, and simply make Memorial Day about festivals and BBQ....

Hope y'all have a great weekend~


Tess said...

Looks like a really fun and informational festival. I can't wait to go to it year!

Shelley said...

Looked like a lot of fun. I always wondered what it was like. We drove by it today and I showed the kids the tents and the people dressed up! I know they used to teach soft shoe or hard shoe celtic dancing in Lakeport?? I know they had to be 7, cuz my father-in-law was looking into for Abbi (he is a bagpiper)!! Anyway, the whistles would soon be lost at our house (wink, wink)! Hope you have a great weekend :)

Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

Great pictures and it looks like a great time. I don't know why, but we have never gone to it. Maybe next year. Glad you all had fun and hopefully the kids aren't making you crazy with the whistles that Dean bought them. LOL