Saturday, March 10, 2012

Time to Recharge!

As way of explanation for my lack of posts these past few days, I claim dead batteries!!

Dead batteries in my camera & my energy level.

I'm gonna snag some batteries this weekend, so hopefully that will lead to some better blog pictures post.  I'm also gonna head on over to a friend's home tonight for a much-needed "Mom's Night Out" ~ with some great ladies from my home school support group:  CHEBWA (Christian Home Educators of the Blue Water Area).

In the mean time, he's some cute pics of my latest birthday kids:

My Elijah Rock, who is now FIVE!

Luv this pic of him ~ it is *so* true to form!

My Selah-Belle ~ who is now NINE!

~Beautiful girl~

My Micah Dean ~ who is now THREE!

Wearing his Daddy's socks & trying his best to be a  "Big Boy"!
Don't grow too fast, lil' man....

Now, it's time to go recharge!


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Tina said...

Hey there! Great pictures! I could use a little re-charge myself here...when you've been sick as long as I have, there is no zip nor oomph at all. So I've been writing. I got a nice award from a fairly new blogger (who I met through the A-Z Challenge). I'm passing on the Sunshine Award to you because having you in Mom's Group brought us all a ray of sunshine. You embraced your role as mom and wife and hs-ing mom (even when they were littles) so fully and were such an inspiration to me to be more submissive. Anyways girlfriend, it's there for you and it looks like your new spring outfit will go nicely. I have a totally new look, btw. FREE from another co-host. I'm in total love with what he did.
Tina @ Life is Good
Co-Host of the April A to Z Challenge
Twitter: @AprilA2Z #atozchallenge