Monday, April 9, 2012

Pool, Park & Painting....oh my!

Nothing special going on around here ~ just everyday life, which I guess is pretty special in it's own right!

My son, playing his first ever game of pool.....he *almost* beat his Dad :)
(*Just another reason I LOVE Dorsey House ~ the upstairs!*)

We've been working on school (kids finishing up the next few months, me planning curriculum choices for next month ~ but THAT will be another blog post of its own), Dean is still trying to find a full-time job (all the while working a ga-gillion part time gigs to get us through), I'm crocheting a lot and...well...making a baby :)  26 weeks along now ~ I am getting very excited!!

We are also enjoying the spring weather (which is ever-so-slowly joining us with warmer temps).  Kids playing in the backyard, Isaac learning how to bait his own fishing hook & even take the fish off ALL ON HIS OWN (which is quite the feat for this not-so-country boy - he's gettin' there!), bike riding & even a park day this past weekend.

Micah Dean, lovin' the BIG slide ~ a great Saturday afternoon at the park!

Selah playing hopscotch ~ and yes, she was using our new
Hopscotch Bean Bags

Elijah, enjoying a treat of a juice pouch ~ we don't get 'em that often, so he was lovin' it :)
This park has LOADS of playground equipment, an awesome bike path & a couple covered picnic tables!

A cool teeter-totter the girls were enjoying!

Mostly Isaac just rode his bike around & around & around the bike path
~through this lil' grove of evergreen trees.  Great planning on the county's part ~ it's beautiful!

We are *finally* going this week and purchasing the first few gallons of paint to start the "Painting & Reorganizing Upstairs Project of 2012"!!!!  (this is a big deal around here).  Unfortunately, with Dean working so many part-time jobs and simply not making a lot of money, our painting fund is *sorely* lacking. Therefore, I have made it my current goal to sell as many crocheted items as I can, as quickly as I can, through my Etsy shop (I'm got a lil' mini-etsy widget in my sidebar over there ----> check it out!).  I've finally made enough for this first shopping trip!

We've got an OB appointment this week, which also happens to fall on our 13th wedding anniversary (13 YEARS?!?  How did *that* happen? :)  We're gonna head on over to Home Depot and grab some supplies ~ the boys' room is first - and it's HUGE!!  It's gonna be OHIO STATE all the way, baby!  (yes, I know we live in Michigan.....;)

Once that room is done, the boys can move back into it, opening up the girls' room for painting - then the girls will move back into their room, opening up the spare/music room for painting - then the bathroom, followed by the HUGE "game/play" area & hallway.  I am *so* wanting to finish this huge project up before lil' baby Gideon arrives, but as the days slip by and our painting fund wanes....well, I'm gonna keep up the hope for now!!

Lastly, here's a recent crochet project.  It's not even something I have for sale in my shop, although I guess I could.  Just some sweet lil' owls, handmade for playtime!  Adorable :)

Aren't these lil' owlets adorable?!

I found a pattern HERE and then changed it a bit as needed (they are *tiny*)
I've been enjoying crocheting lil' cute, stuffed animals for the kiddos!

Now it's time to get my house clean!
(well, picked up and somewhat clean....maybe....okay, but I GOTTA clean the toilets!)


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