Thursday, July 20, 2017


It seems to be a theme around here lately.


The sound, I can feel it.
Like a heartbeat.
In and out.

Whether it's a pond,

Spring on the homestead.

A creek,

Trails at the local nature center.

A river,

Barge on the St. Clair River.

Or a Great Lake.

Lake Huron

I guess it's to be expected when you live in Michigan.
All those beautiful lakes, providing home to an abundance of wildlife.
I love learning all I can about these places!

Oldest aquarium in Michigan.

There always seems to be a new place, a new space.

Family round the fountain!

I'm drawn to water.
(does everyone feel that way?)

I was born in Michigan, raised on a small inland lake. 
And yes, I *am* an aquarius!
No matter where we go, I love to search out water in nature.
My favorites are spaces in nature that feel untouched....


Yet I see the beauty in created water features as well.

Outside the Creation Museum.

The sound.
The ebb & flow.



I can literally feel myself melt, just a little.


And when I can figure out ways to learn in these spaces....
All the better!

bacterial growth in pond water


Learning a new art medium.

And time spent with loved ones.
Searching for treasure!

Metal detection with my boy.

And finding time.
Time with each other.
Ebb & flow.
Learning & loving.

Living in Michigan.

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